Modified GM Diet

Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss In 7 Days

People glory in weight loss more than any of their other earnest desires. Some count it nothing more than a fad and their dedication, hence, towards it dwindles sooner. While, some by weight loss apprehend of a healthier life and therefore give their utmost. For them, the ones belonging to the latter, 7 days GM diet, extraordinary but not facile enough, lasts until the last ‘aah’ of their self-control.

What GM diet is all about?

GM diet, when expanded extends out to General Motors diet, which is suggestive of its origin by one of the well-known companies, General Motors. It was devised in 1985 in collaboration with FDA along with the department of agriculture to yield healthy work culture, that is, to have fit and obesity-free employees.


The diet was chalked out in a way that would tank its practitioner’s weight by 7-10 lbs in a mere span of seven days. Oho! Hold back your inquisitiveness. You’ll soon know how and be all set to fit into once-sized-but-now-under-sized garments.

Prototype of a GM diet

You’ve got to kick-start each of the seven days with a glass of warm water and compound it with 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 3 tbsp of honey. This mixture is believed to enhance metabolic rate of body and promote toxic emissions from the internally present organs, hence detoxifying our body.

Below goes your best Diet Plan For Weight Loss in 7 days

First Day- Chow on Fruits

Sailing through this day will be pretty convenient for the fruit-lovers. There’s no confined limit to the number of fruits you get your fill with. Rely more on citrus fruits as they are scientifically hailed as the washer-men of the toxins generated from the body. Since fruits are rich in carbohydrates, you won’t feel down on energy supply. Do not quench you water thirst immediately after you are done with fruits. Wait for minimum 30 minutes to avoid acid formation. Though, you have a permit to eat all the fruits, banana is a constraint in the first day.

Second day – Vegetable Day

Modified GM Diet

Needing not to pretend, vegetables are literally not of much interest to most. Exceptions certainly exist. But you can build up all of your will and get through the day. Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and cucumber are the most recommended vegetables for the all veggie day. Most importantly, do not gorge on potato, albeit it is a vegetable but it is ultra-high in calories. You can consume vegetables both in raw and boiled format, as per your taste, but do not infuse it in oil and use salt as less as absent.

Third day – First + Second

Modified GM Diet

As the title discloses, it is a fusion of the first two days. You can consume fruits and vegetables individually or, to appease your tongue with taste, you can try creating myriad of salad and make your third a tad more interesting than the first two.

Fourth day- Yellow day

Modified GM Diet

Now, you’ll know why bananas were excluded on the first day. Yes, fourth day would slow pass relying only on bananas and milk. Banana intake can be as high as 6 and milk glasses, not more than 4. Why banana? Wondering, why? It is because they treasure abundant sodium and potassium within their pulp and counterbalance the absence of salt from your diet.

Fifth day- the tastiest of all the seven days

Fifth day is a great respite after the elapse of difficult first four days. Your tongue is at its satiety today. For you have the liberty to devour on tomatoes, sprouts and paneer today. Soya chunks too can be added. You can also concoct a delicious soup out of these ingredients. It is strictly advised to go high on water, higher than that taken in the preceding days. It is because water would aid eliminate uric acid from the body.

Day six – Slightly altered day 5

Day six is a clone version of day five except that the tomatoes are omitted out from the ingredient list. Day six would do a great pride to you, as you will actually start feeling light on your. Day five or six, water intake should be kept high, compared to other days.

Day seven- The awaited day

Seventh day is an over-stretched sigh from the practitioners. After all, you’re there where you had your cap set on. Yes, you have by now traveled all the nine yards to see there where you aimed for. Last day allows you to gulp down juice and soup with an added bonus of either of the half a chapatti or one cup of brown rice.

The GM diet is not as faddish as most of the other diet. It has kept criticisms at bay unlike some other diets. So, don’t ponder much over it and get started to see a thinner and pronounced reflection of yours.

It’s recommended to implement this in consultation with a diet coach.

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