Desert 500: Best day in the Saddle

Stranded in the middle of the Thar Desert and left alone on a long road with a punctured bicycle tube, endurance-cyclist Manjeet Singh’s chances of completing the 500 km long treacherous race looked very bleak. His lifetime goal of winning the famous Desert-500 Challenge started crumbling before his eyes and with tears, he almost bid good-bye to all his dreams – until he decided not to give up!

Some of life’s biggest battles are won by sheer determination and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Like the proverbial phoenix rising out of the ashes, our only salvation lies in standing tall and facing those odds even if it means failing a hundred times. Here’s the incredible story of Manjeet, whose account is not only a source of inspiration for us at FITSO, but also a fitting example for those aiming to break their barriers in life and succeed.