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10 Best Cycle for Beginners

In the modern day busy world, most of the people are constrained by time and bicycling is an excellent way to save time and at the same time keep ourselves fit.

The roads in our cities are not cycle friendly at present and there is no separate parking space for cycles. But if the citizens of our country start bicycling, the initiative will be taken by the government to restrict the use of motor vehicles and make separate lanes for bicycling wherever possible.

Riding a bicycle has multiple benefits:

  • Bicycles occupy minimum amount of road and parking space
  • They make us self-dependent.
  • Bicycling helps improve our fitness
  • It is the most environment-friendly commute.

People who think that good quality cycles are expensive, they are totally wrong. Once you use the bike for 10 years and look back, you will realize how much you have saved, in terms of fuel, money and time. Even traveling by local buses is much more costly in the long run than commuting on a good cycle.

Let us check out the 10 best cycles for beginners with a budget:

  1. Firefox Momentum 700c

Firefox Momentum 700: cycle for beginners

This bicycle is very light and the sitting stance is very comfortable. What’s different about this bicycle is the Suntour suspension. This takes the comfort level of the bicycle a few notches higher.

Firefox has created an excellent bicycle with the Momentum 700c. The main features of this bicycle are –

  • Ground clearance
  • All the mounts for rack and guards and rack
  • Large circumference wheels.
  • Lock-able suspension

The bicycle can be purchased from all Firefox stores in India or from Just Buy Cycles in Chennai.

  1. Firefox Roadrunner

firefox roadrunner: cycle for beginners

This bicycle is suitable for long rides as it offers amazing comfort. It can be used anywhere – in the hills, on road, off road, in the jungle. You can use it on every kind of terrain. A lot of thought has gone into building the frame of the bicycle and to make sure there is no unnecessary material weight.

It looks great too especially because of the black matte finish. This bicycle is available in all Firefox stores in India.

  1. Hercules Act 110

Hercules Act 110: cycle for beginners

The Hercules Act 110 is reasonably cheap for a lightweight bike with shimano gearing. It’s a hybrid bicycle and can handle some off-road terrain as well.  The bike moves like lightning on flat roads and feels very smooth in sloppy inclinations.

The saddle, wheels, and handle have quick release adjustment options. All said and done, it’s a good commuting bicycle for beginners.

This bicycle can be purchased from all Hercules stores or from RR cycles in Madiwala, Bangalore.

  1. BSA MACH CITY iBike

BSA MACH CITY iBike: cycle for beginners

Mach City is a popular brand of city bicycles. Mach city from BSA Hercules is best for an urban resident. It is lightweight and unsophisticated since it is gearless and best for morning cycling exercises.

This bicycle can be purchased from exclusive BSA Hercules Stores and other multi-brand stores in India.

  1. Btwin Mybike 7s

Btwin Mybike 7s1: cycle for beginners

Btwin is Decathlon’s own bicycle brand which has made a huge impact in the cycling market in India. Since the bicycle offers competitive pricing and ride specific models, it’s demand is sure to soar higher. The Mybike series is a simple and functional city bicycle which can be ridden by anyone.

It is available in all Decathlon stores across the city.

  1. Montra

Montra: cycle for beginners

TI Cycles of India has launched “Montra” bicycles. This new range of Montra bikes has 5 variants –

  • Montra Techno
  • Montra Country
  • Montra Rock
  • Montra Jazz
  • Montra Blues

It is a good value for money bike for a beginner. Montra has higher performance touch and a sportive look.

You can purchase Montra bicycles from here – 1585, 27th Main Rd, Sector 2, PWD Quarters, BDA Layout, HSR Layout, Bengaluru and other Montra stores in India.

  1. B’twin Riverside 500

B’twin Riverside 500: cycle for beginners

This bicycle is best for Sunday cycling on roads and maintained pathways to discover new landscapes. If you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable bike you must go for the B’twin Riverside 500. It has a 100% aluminum frame and is designed to keep you from back aches while riding.

It is available at all Decathlon stores all across the country.

  1. The Raleigh Clubman

Raleigh Clubman: cycle for beginners

Raleigh has drawn a fine line between tradition and modernity with the Clubman. The Raleigh Clubman is suitable for long rides. Some of its other features are –

  • Its seating is extremely comfortable
  • It is a strong and sturdy bicycle
  • It has a good tire clearance
  • It has full mudguards and mounts for racks.
  • It has simple and classic looks.

The Raleigh Clubman offers a silky smooth and serene ride. One can even glide untroubled across the rougher sections of road with this bicycle.

This bicycle is available at Suncross stores all across the country.

  1. Schwinn Sporterra

schwinn Sporterra: cycle for beginners

With the Sporterra, Schwinn has bought in a complete overhaul of its bicycles. The frame has completely changed. Other changes include – the saddle, the tires, the handlebar, grips and the shifters. Even the logo has changed.

The new and improved saddle is sleeker and the seat-post comes with a suspension.

Some of its other features are:

  • It is simple and affordable. In fact, this bicycle is an ordinary person’s best bet.
  • It is lightweight and perfectly made for a city rider.
  • Its cross frame provides you with an upright riding position, making riding comfortable.
  • It offers good strength to ride on rough surfaces.
  • It combines features from the road bike and the mountain bike perfectly.
  • The gear shifting is smooth and amazing.
  • It’s got suspension speed posts to insulate against bumpy roads.
  • The larger wheel diameter and wider rim offer higher speed and increased strength.

This bicycle can be purchased from all Track and Trail stores in India.

  1. Hero Sprint 26T Winner 18 Speed

Hero sprint 26T winner: cycle for beginners

Hero Sprint 26T Winner is an amazing 18 speed bicycle with a 18” steel frame with a suspension fork. Its other features are –

  • It has dual suspensions and disc brakes on the front wheel.
  • It comes in a single box in 85% assembled state.
  • The bicycle can be very easily assembled at home.

This bicycle can be purchased from Khalsa Cycle Works 6102/7, Block-1, Padam Singh Road, Dev Nagar, Karol Bagh, Delhi and other Hero Stores in India.