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15 Must Have Cycle Accessories for Riders

With great ride comes the need of great accessories. Hunting for the coolest cycling gear? The best cycle accessories can help you ride safely, improve your time, and enhances the efficiency and comfort of your ride. Here are a few Cycle accessories, we recommend for cyclists, no matter their age or ability level. Whether you’re looking for gloves, glasses, bags, safety, lights, or cool add-ons, there’s something cool and practical on this list that ]will appeal to you. Read on to see our favorite bike accessories for cyclists.


  1. Helmet and pads

Cycle accessories - Helmet

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An absolute must, before getting on your bike, a full safety kit gives you confidence to go the distance, and protects you from nasty bumps and scrapes in case of a tumble. Although, a good helmet starts at around Rs 600, make sure to get a sleek, aerodynamic model that fits properly and is comfortable, as safety comes before the cost. Moreover, some models have a GoPro mount so that you can capture the thrill of your rides on video. When buying elbow and knee guards make sure that they allow you unobstructed use of your joints, so that your pedaling motion is smooth and at full strength. Remember, this is the most important part of all the cycle accessories.


  1. Bar-Ends

Cycle accessories - Bar-ends

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A pair of Bar ends provide numerous benefits for a relatively small price amongst all cycle accessories. When fitted onto the ends of your handlebars they provide additional hand positions allowing you to vary your grip and posture relieving cramped and sore hands especially on a long ride. They also allow you to pedal more effectively when climbing out of the saddle, are good mounting points for rear view mirrors and can protect your hands in a crash.

A good pair will set you back by around 600Rs

Since Bar ends may hook on branches leading to a crash, therefore are not recommended for woodland cycling.


  1. Smartphone holder Armband

Cycle accessories - Mobile armband

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An armband that allows you to mount a smartphone will prove very useful during your rides. Easy access to a timer and a GPS map can enhance your cycling experience. Listen to your favorite music tracks while you ride. Of course for safety listen to music at a suitable volume and do not use a headset on the road. Furthermore, for best results, you can use our very own Fitso app conveniently and on the go. It tracks your pace, distance and calorie burn in addition to many other useful features. A simple model costs around 400 Rs.


  1. Ergonomic seat cover

Cycle accessories - Seat cover

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Every beginner cyclist faces the same ordeal-The first few days in the narrow stock saddle. The sores and blisters are bad enough to turn one off from cycling for good. Never fear though, get yourself one of these ergonomic gel filled saddle covers and you will start to enjoy cycling even more than before.

They start at Rs 250 higher priced ones have adjustable air cushions for that truly custom feel.


  1. Hydration Kit

Cycle accessories - Sipper

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One of the most important necessities of a cyclist is adequate hydration. Correspondingly, it becomes an important part of your cycle accessories. The distance that you can cycle depends on how much water you can carry. Most cycles come with a basic bottle holder installed. If not the holder costs around 150 rs.Various holders can be attached to the frame, handlebar or the rear of the saddle. The bottles themselves start at around 250 rs. Furthermore, you to check if it’s strong ,airtight one that fits properly in the holder. You wouldn’t wanna regret on the road.

Once you start going longer distances you may need a larger water supply. Check out this sleek Camelbak hydration backpack.

Cycle accessories - Hydration backpack

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It has an inbuilt 1.5L reservoir with a straw outlet so that you can drink on the also has space for your energy bars and even a small laptop!


  1. Lights 

Cycle accessories - Light

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A Headlight and tail lamp kit is vital for long distance biking especially on off-road trails. Newer tail lamps have integrated turn indicator signals that provide additional safety when biking on highways. These compact LED clusters start at around 200rs and provide clear illumination and use very little energy in the process. Get a well-made set that is waterproof and has a steady beam. Make sure that the lights are installed at proper angles to provide maximum illumination and avoid blinding oncoming traffic.


  1. Cycling attire

Cycle accessories - Gloves

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Specialized sportswear made for cycling can vastly improve your cycling experience and efficiency. A pair of compression shorts protects your skin from friction and chafing, provides proper support, is light weight and cools the rider. They also reduce muscle fatigue by their compressive effect. They cost around 1600 Rs. A good pair of gloves keep your hands dry which is vital for grip and also cushion them when riding on rough trails. A good pair will set you back by about 1600 Rs.


  1. Gear for Night rides

Cycle accessories - Night gear

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Riding at night can be a new experience for beginners. Keep safe on dark nights and unlit roads by wearing High visibility reflective clothing. This is the basic requirement amongs every cycling accessories out there. A basic harness like this one costs around 500 Rs and is lightweight and fully adjustable. This is very important amongst all cycle accessories as it will keep you safe from mishaps in any unlit or dimly lit area.


  1. Protective Eyewear – Coolest of all cycle accessories

Cycle accessories - cycling eyewear

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A pair of protective goggles provides innumerable benefits to your riding experience. First of all, admit it or not, they look supercool. They protect your eyes from windblast, dust, road debris and rain. If it’s polarized it prevents irritation from sunshine and headlight glare. Of course, they are better than conventional sunglasses as they are more aerodynamic and can be worn even during night. A sleek attractive pair like this one costs around 500 Rs.


  1. Water proof satchel

Cycle accessories - Waterproof backpack

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Don’t let yourself be caught unprepared out in the rain. A compact waterproof bag for storing all your electronics and papers if a downpour starts when you’re out riding will prove invaluable. This brightly colored backpack is waterproof and is foldable for easy storage and costs just 400 Rs.


  1. Upgraded Tires


Cycle accessories - Cycle Tyre

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Without dispute, your tires are the most important part of your cycle. You could upgrade them in a variety of ways. Tubeless tires need alloy rims but they improve grip and ride comfort. Moreover, consider your needs when buying new tires especially the terrain you usually ride on. Road tires are slim and shallow treaded, they provide less rolling resistance allowing you to reach higher top speeds and are more comfortable, however they perform poorly off road. MTB tires are chunkier and have a rugged tread, they provide more resistance but their grip and off road performance are unmatched.

The best road tires can cost as much as 3600 Rs while MTB tires start at 1600 Rs.


  1. Tire Pump

Cycle accessories - Cycling pump

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Riding with under-inflated tires is difficult as it provides extra resistance and puts undue strain on your also damages the tire and makes cycling unstable. Therefore, a good manual foot pump costs around 600 Rs will take care of this problem. A good quality one comes with an attached pressure gauge.

Moreover, keep a check on your tires at regular intervals and fill the tire to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Usually, you’ll find the pressure on your tire’s sidewall.


  1. Premium parts

Cycle accessories - Wake

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Now that you are comfortable with your riding routine you would like more of a challenge. Greater challenger require greater efforts. Supplement this effort by totally overhauling your cycle frame with new premium parts. The simplest upgrades are replacing the stock parts with light weight ones. Aluminum parts are a good option as they don’t sacrifice strength or rigidity and are relatively cheap. Fully adjustable handlebar stems cost around 2500 Rs, the handle bar itself can be replaced with a new configuration like a straight bar for off road biking or a dropdown bar for racing and combined with adjustable seat posts provide a variety of seating positions. Fiber mud guards are light weight and provide better clearance for the wheel.

Newer pedals have cleats which provide much needed grip while going trail biking. Your brakes need regular replacement and can be upgraded to a disc brake setup they provide much better stopping power and are less prone to malfunction. These cycle accessories are premium and you need them to maximize your efficiency. They are not a necessity.


  1. Indoor Exercise Stand

Cycle accessories - Indoor stand

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As time goes by, you may find yourself unable to go for longer rides like you used to, maybe because you don’t have time or the place you live is unsuitable for long trips. Regardless, don’t give up. Get yourself one of these magnetic Indoor Exercise stands. You can use them with almost any bike and can fine-tune to fit just right.

They are quiet and work smoothly and provide progressive resistance to your pedaling effort as well as controls can be mounted on your handlebar and you can efficiently adjust resistance levels to suit your physical condition. After use you can be fold it and store easily. A premium frame costs around 40,000 Rs.


  1. Security Lock

Cycle accessories - Cycling lock

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So you get up early one morning all excited to take your newly tricked out cycle for a spin. Thereafter, when you leave home you realize with a sinking feeling that your cycle is not where you left it yesterday. In fact it seems to have vanished without a trace.

Make sure this never happens to you with a sturdy wire lock. This is a must have amongst all cycle accessories after your safety of course. The newer models are light weight, compact and sport combination locks which eliminate the inconvenience of lost keys. They cost about 200 rs.

Still worried about bicycle theft…? Why not eliminate the possibility entirely by storing/displaying your prized cycle indoors on one of these cool wall mounted bike racks.

Cycle accessories - Stand lock

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They also provide a good spot for cleaning and tuning your cycle.


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