Benefits of Yoga

Yoga: Martial arts for the soul

No wonder, yogis always seem so damn happy. It’s as if they belong to some alien world where sorrow and distress don’t exist. But what is the reason behind this? Benefits of Yoga are not limited to only peace of mind, rather it helps your soul conquer your ego.

Well, it has to do with the health benefits that yoga provides you. Here, are 10 reasons as to suggest how Yoga is beneficial:

1. Yoga is the perfect balance of movement and breathing. This helps in flushing out toxins from your body that you take in from the environment and reduce stress.


2. Yoga helps regulate hormones. By hammering and pressuring various parts of your body during asanas, your glands secrete hormones. With this you bring them to function properly and feel the benefits of a lifted spirit and more energy. 


3. Yoga makes you less susceptible to negative emotions by lowering your blood pressure and making your mind more calm, not to mention it decreases anxiety and stress.


4.It wards off insomnia. Since you get a sound and restful sleep, you feel happier and amiable the next day.


5. By practicing Yoga’s twisting asanas you not only wring out your organs but also give them a complete head to toe massage. This keeps your organs young and functional.

 6. Yoga is like martial arts for the soul. By doing Yoga daily, you teach yourself the art of discipline. By learning to commit to something, you open yourself to the world of successful possibilities. 

 7. Research has shown that daily practice of Yoga lowers your blood pressure.


8.  Since yoga is all about focusing your mind with your breath, it makes you muscular with all those complex movements and you become physically and mentally prompt.


9.  Today, jobs require a lot of sitting, which tightens your body muscles and give birth to deadly chronic pains. Yoga helps you stretch those muscles and decreases chronic back pain.


10. And last but not the least, Yoga increases the production of serotonin and decreases cortisol release. By this your body starts producing happy chemicals and blocks the secretion of stressful chemicals. This literally means it transforms you into a happier and healthier person.


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