Reasons to start running

Benefits of Running: 7 Reasons to Start Today

Those who love to run, running is something that nourishes their body and the soul. Here are 7 reasons – benefits of running to convince you why you must start running today:
1. Because where other workouts might need you to invest some money before you can start, getting outside and run doesn’t cost you anything.
2. Given that running burns good amount of Calories, it helps in regulating your body weight and moreover in relieving mental stress.
3. It is one of the best and the easiest way to explore places around you. Given that your senses are fully engaged while you’re on foot, you see so much more detail of the places around you. Unlike travelling in a car or a bus, running makes your journey a part of your destination.
4. If you’re looking to shape your butts or tone your quads and hamstrings, there is no better option than running.
5. Running keeps your bones healthy, by helping them receive adequate amount of Calcium and adequate amount of Vitamin D (if you’re running outside).
6. Those who run alone, there is no better option than running to have some quality “me” time.
7. As running helps you increase your stamina significantly – it makes all other sports and your day to day chores a bit easier and enjoyable.