benefits of pranayama

Benefits of Pranayama : Why do it daily

Many Doctors who are familiar with benefits of Pranayama recommends their patients to do Pranayama daily, in order to stay fit and avoid falling sick.

As a person with sedentary lifestyle reaches middle age, his lung-tissues tend to grow less which results into reduction of their capacity. Moreover, with age, accumulation of Uric Acid in the blood stream starts, which often leads to frequent joint pains and other discomforts like backache, headaches, rheumatism and stiffening of muscles. Proper circulation of blood gets impeded by a sluggish diaphragm or hardening arteries. Pranayama in its simple definition is a cure from all these problems.

It makes a practitioner more proficient physically and mentally by improving the working capacity of lungs, heart, diaphragm, abdomen, intestines, kidneys and pancreas.

Other benefits of Pranayama includes:

  • By Pranayama practice all body organs gets more oxygen, toxins get removed from body which makes one immune to various diseases


  • Pranayama strengthens the immune system, which results in better mental health


  • By the practice of Pranayama one gets free from negative thoughts and several harmful mental conditions like anger, depression, lasciviousness, greed for money, arrogance etc.


  • With Pranayama fluctuations of mind are controlled, as Pranayama prepares the mind for meditation.


  • With practice of Pranayama, you will start experiencing lightness of body, feeling of inner peace, better sleep, better memory and better concentration.


  • Last but not the least it helps in better breathing, which results into improvement of quality of life – particularly during old age.


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