benefits of cycling

Benefits of Cycling That You Cannot Ignore. Reasons to Start Now!

I am a proud rider of an old and handsome Schwinn hybrid bike, my husband trained for Ironman on. During his training period, it got habitual of long beautiful rides; sometimes on Expressways while sometimes on a mix of highway and countryside trails. Ever since the ownership transferred to me, it is going through a lot of sufferings while I steer my way to office and around, through the muddy streets with potholes and pathetic traffic of Bangalore. I know it is tough and but will endure through the entire daily ordeal as long as I get the following 10 benefits of cycling drawn from it:

1. It leads to a healthy workout for body for a change from long hours of sitting at desk which is an inevitable part of my job. Additionally, instead of frowning at traffic conditions behind car-wheel, I feel happy about burning additional calories while doing a routine task of commuting.

2. It saves me from the sin of being a contributor to ever increasing air and noise pollution.

3. Have you tried booking cab in peak hours in city like Bangalore? More often than not, cabs are either unavailable or drivers cancel booking as they are not able to reach to pick-up point due to heavy traffic. My dear bike saves me from the mental torture resulting from such situations.

4. Oh, did I say, it saves time? It’s so much easier to move past traffic. I can reach office in 25 minutes on an average, whereas cab takes more than an hour!

5. Deriving from above, it’s not just time it saves, it saves money too!! After all, what’s the point of buying an expensive car and feeding it with petrol when you are gonna waste half your life stuck in traffic?

6. It is much easier to self-repair a bike from certain break downs instead of any motor vehicle mishaps.

7. If I am on my bike instead of a car, it is saving that much of space on road, hence other commuters are indirectly getting benefited, aren’t they?

8. Besides office commutes, bike helps me take time off and go for a leisure biking trip. Whether alone or in company of friends, it’s fun either ways.

9. It is a great way to see the world! Ride slow and see the blossoming rose in a narrow street house or an innocent smile on a kid’s face, walking holding hands of his mother or may be the shop mannequin wearing the perfect shirt that you always wanted!!

10. Above all, it inspires! Yes that’s right. There are others in my office and around, who feel, for any or some of above reasons that they should get bike for themselves and/or kids.

benefits of cycling

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