Benefits of Climbing Stairs

Benefits of Climbing Stairs

Do you know that climbing stairs is of the best to get some quick vigorous exercise? Here are 6 Benefits of Climbing Stairs – especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle.

But how good an exercise is stair climbing? Well, we must say, pretty good actually! Here are the 5 reasons to prove that:

1. When you’re climbing the stairs, you’re doing a long series of plyometrics – something similar to doing squats and lunges – where you quickly exert maximum force to your muscle.
2. Moreover, when going upstairs, you use your gluts and hamstrings to their maximum capacity which results in an effect similar to that given by sprinting.
3. Climbing stairs makes your cardio system work harder so that it can supply more oxygen to your legs – which results in an improvement in your aerobic capacity.
4. It also improves muscle conditioning in your legs and buttocks
5. Climbing stairs is a high intensity exercise that improves your aerobic fitness like cardio does.
6. While climbing stairs you also work on balancing your movement, hence your leg muscles get activated in a way they normally don’t.

There pal, we go with the Benefits of Climbing Stairs to leave you in awe!

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