Bodyweight Training Vs Free weight training

If I were to tell you that there is something that can help you in building a fit physique and also help in improving your sleep cycle, immunity, mood and that it is accessible irrespective of where you are, would you be willing to try? Oh, by the way… It’s completely free. If yes, then bodyweight training is your answer.

Bodyweight training is customizable i.e. no equipment or gym membership is required unlike weight training where you need weights found only in gyms. If you are easily intimidated by group classes or exercise machines, then it’s the perfect mix for you . Body weight exercises might be the answer for a healthier routine and weight loss or weight gain.

You can definitely expect to use all your muscles;upper body and lower body and your core.

Here are some facts that might interest you:

  • Bodyweight training originated out of the necessity and lack of weights, machines, time travel, light saber or the internet!
  • From The Spartans to US Navy SEALS, the bodyweight method has a history . The exercises are the only consistent component in military organisations as they do not require any extra efforts.
  • One of the best ways to lose fat and gain muscles is Bodyweight exercises in the athletic training world. Athletes do it when they travel or face a lack of gyms for weight training.

Extreme Bodyweight Training

Now, let’s get you familiar with the benefits:

1) Helps in building and maintaining lean muscle mass.

Building strength is crucial for maintaining a strong metabolic rate. Lean muscles are often a sign of healthy body weight. Have you ever noticed that muscular athletes eat a lot and get away with it? That’s because their muscles burn more calories than anything! Therefore, by building your muscles you will lose fat and calories and gain a lean and mean body! Bodyweight exercises result in increased production of growth hormones that help retain the lean and fat-burning abilities. Comparitively, free weight workouts won’t get rid of the fat in the long run.

Bodyweight Training for abs 2) A healthier heart.

Exercises cause the heart to pump blood vigorously and more effectively, this reduces blood pressure and improves circulation. With this kind of healthy pressure on a regular basis, the heart becomes stronger and adapts to it. Strength building exercises relates to healthier blood cholesterol levels and lesser number of heart attacks.
Bodyweight exercises help the heart pump blood more effectively as bodyweight circuits require repetition of whole body movements. For instance, biceps are trained by performing chin-ups which engage shoulder, back, biceps and core in bodyweight workouts. On the other hand, while doing free weight workout, the training of biceps only requires the movement of the arm;rest of the body stays stationary. Consequently, less increase in blood circulation and secretion of endorphin compared to bodyweight workouts.

Bodyweight Training for Shoulders 3) Keeps you involved.

Working out with weights can be monotonous. But, if you do bodyweights then you can choose from 100s of exercises or even make your own! You can combine multiple exercises or modify existing ones, the limit: your creativity. An example could be even a small pull- up which involves the use of your arms, shoulders, lower back and abs. The muscles move together, hence will ensure coordination and burning of more calories. Free weight workout works on specific muscles, which is more isolated like a Wide-Grip Lat Pull-down.

Bodyweight Training for legs

4) Healthy joints and bones.

Bodyweight exercises are based on natural movements, technically and hence don’t cause joint problems. Free weight exercises involve the use of lifting weights and often cause backspins and sore muscles.

Bodyweight Training for upper body

5) Go happy with bodyweight training.

So it turns out, bodyweight exercises not only help you build muscle but also helps regenerate brain cells! Free Weight workouts involve short, intense bursts of exercise that don’t require much oxygen. While bodyweight training stimulates the blood flow in the brain with heavier demands of oxygen.This builds a greater capacity of lungs while stimulating the secretion of dopamine, hormone that promotes the “feel good” factor. Some studies suggest that Dopamine also prevents the onset of alzheimer’s and dementia.

Bodyweight Training for Thighs

Incase you were wondering where to start, Fitso has multiple number of bodyweight workouts that can help you reach your body goals. On Fitso you will also find a community of like-minded people who will support you on your journey to a better, fitter you. So bid adieu to the fat in your body and start doing the tried and tested method of bodyweight workouts to easily and healthily burn off the fat.

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