Beer Yoga is Not Prank but Fun Fitness Activity

There’s no joy on par with the cans of beer streaming down our gut. Pints of beer do no good to our body; however, beer, if assorted with yoga, renders astounding effects on our health. Conventionally, yoga would win over in the match of ‘yoga versus beer’. Although, by new definition of the health trend, our body would win over in the wedding – ‘beer weds yoga’. And hence coined is the term ‘Beer Yoga’ which advocates the performance of aasana teamed up with beer bottles. Beer yoga, alias, bier yoga saw its beginnings in the city of Berlin in Germany

Yoga is propitious when you are at the summit of your consciousness—your body feels like a floating object, unaware of its weight. One can’t easily bring down such fine consciousness with their minds cluttered with anxiety and stress. And yoga done under stress never help us reap the desired results in our body. This was perhaps a lead for beer yoga founders.

Beer Yoga

Happiness is a pre-cursor to such soared consciousness. And, nothing but a bottle of beer serves itself as the unbeatable stress-buster. This is how and why beer was coupled up with yoga and rose to prevalence in Germany, now, expanding out to other countries: Thailand and Australia.

According to the rule of mindset, people may question the idea of incorporating beer with the life-enriching practice of yoga, for beer is ill-famed for its high-calorific value; however, enlighten them with the fact that beer is known to curtail the risk of heart attack and diabetes. So, get rid of your false beliefs regarding beer.

How do you binge on beer while doing yoga?

Each of the categories of yoga poses you push yourself into, it is followed or preceded by sips of beer. Stretches and flexes and crossed-legs and a can of beer amidst all of them: isn’t it inviting enough to the lazy, alcohol-loving breeds? Also, you, if talented enough, can try to balance the bottle of beer on your head. Whatsoever poses you try, make sure you don’t lose your balance and lose those precious golden drops.

Beer Yoga

What an ideal combination of beer and yoga! Huh? Nothing more motivating than a sincere workout in exchange of freshly brewed beer! Isn’t it a heavenly feeling to let beer seep into your taste-buds and wash off all the strain you give to your muscles? Moreover, being a beer yogi has its own swag than a conventional yogi. No?

Is beer yoga enroute?

Beer yoga is penetrating into the other parts of the world. Currently, making its eventual way in the United States, beer yoga is soon to plague the entire world. After all, ecstatic work-out routine is something we all crave for. Would India have the pleasure of beer yoga soon? Let us keep our fingers crossed and look forward to such thrilling yoga.