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Are You addicted to Sugar? How to Beat It

Sugar is favourite to all and a sweet is indispensable part for any celebration small or big. Yet, the constant craving for sugar is symptom of addiction. It may give feeling of energy boost in short duration but leave negative effects in the long run. This can include obesity, nutritional imbalance, cavities and diabetes. Thus we ought to fight it out before it consumes us.

The first barrier to be raised against this White Invader is to cut down on its intake…  Although no crash path is required but we can cut down intake of its sources like potatoes, white bread, cookies, cakes, pasta and such other stuff. The deficiency can be replaced by foods and methods that slow down carbohydrate absorption and entry into blood stream.

Pace the meals

Instead of having stuff in one go, better pace it apart. This will help ease load on digestive system and allow enzymes to act on. That will also lead to lower sugar entering into blood stream.

Eat Salads

Enjoy a helping of salad before meal.  The fibrous parts of its ingredients slow down the conversion of sugar and its entry into blood is delayed.  Salad can comprise of raw vegetables like carrots, cabbage,

cucumber or fruits like apple etc. In order to have best results, salads should be eaten before the meal. Use of Vinegar for dressing up salad is also a step in direction of battling sugar addiction.

Crisp cooking

Though vegetables and fruits are good sugar blockers never cook them too much. Let them be little crunchier, raw and crispier when they enter your body. The slight rawness delays the digestive process and you will not have urge to go in for another round of snack or uncalled bite.

Sweets only as Desserts

Sweets when taken alone rush sugar into blood directly as there is no other blocker in place at that time. However if they are eaten at end of meal you have already erected barriers that will delay its absorption.

Exercise Regime

The excess accumulation can turn glucose into fat and get deposited as adipose tissue or body fat. Thus comes in the role of exercise. Running, jogging, walking, trekking, cycling swimming, cardio etc are various ways to burn up your sugar leading to building up the muscles and strengthening of organs.

It will also help you maintain the required body weight. The duration, type, frequency and quantum of exercise will depend upon what you want to burn out.  Fats and Carbohydrates are used up in low to moderate intensity regime. As intensity level increase, the stored glycogen comes into play. In high intensity regime found commonly amongst active people, the muscle glycogen store can deplete within half to one hour.

The secret to optimal performance and weight management is achieved by striking a judicious balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Thus a good body energy audit will help you to de-addict yourself of the sugar.

Life Style

Work pressure, professional commitments and meeting deadlines all take toll on health directly or indirectly. Take time off regularly to unwind yourself by pursuing some hobby like painting, writing on favourite issues or listening to smoothing music.

Sleep uses some of the stored sugar in body. Have adequate sleep so that there is not much unwanted accumulation in body that can even balloon your waistline.

Golden Rule

Remember rule: “out of sight, out of mind”. When you to grocers shop or supermarket to fetch your store, make sure you avoid buying sugar and starch enriched foods out of impulse.  This will prevent their entry into your house, kitchen, on table and finally into your body.


  • Get plain yogurt instead of flavoured and add nuts and berries to it.
  • Eat whole fruits instead of packed juices.
  • Replace jam and syrups on toast by peanut butter or sliced banana
  • Gradually reduce the sugar in your daily beverages
  • Have food like brown rice, nuts and seeds and avocado.
  • Cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom just don’t spice up food especially the sweets, but are also know for their ability to balance blood sugar and reduce sugar craving. Use them whenever possible.
  • Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause craving for food and set off the chain reaction you are trying to prevent. A slice of lemon to water will not only enhance taste but give an acidic input that will help the excess sugar metabolism.

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