Getting Bored with Daily Diet Plan

Beat Dieting Boredom with Ten Simple Tips

If you are not the kind of person, who could eat salad and fresh snack vegetables all the time and now you are on the mission to shed some weight, dieting boredom may make you surrender soon for tempting warm and comfort foods. It doesn’t matter how determined you were at the beginning of your weight loss journey; you are fast fed up with dull food routine. Boredom units in, becoming more and more robust with each passing day making it tough for you to stick to the diet plan and stay on track for an extended period. Eventually, you slip back to old eating habits, and the extra weight creeps back.

Losing weight is a gradual process. It requires patience and endurance. Take dieting boredom in a positive sense. Dieting boredom means till date you have followed the dieting routine. You are serious about your fitness plans, and you are not going to give up after coming so far. You just need to add some excitement, get motivated and follow our tips to beat dieting boredom while still eating healthily.

Simple tips to beat dieting boredom

1. Overcome restrictions

over stopping food

Dieting is not about imposing restrictions and limit your food choices as it will lead to cravings and ultimately overeating. Operate ‘no banned foods’ fundamental and achieve sustainable weight happily. The only mantra you have to follow is to eat healthy foods, Count your daily calorie intake and make sure not to exceed the recommended calorie intake/day.

2. Bring changes in your diet routine

change diet plan

It is good to follow a routine, but it is better to bring a change. We plan our meal to distribute foods over three big meals and 2-3 snacks throughout the day. Instead of eating the same thing over and over at the same time swap your meal plan and add freshness to your eating routine. Move things for example if you don’t feel like having a mid-protein snack you may move it to later. The time of your calorie intake does not make much difference if you don’t exceed the limit of daily total calorie intake.

* Refrain yourself from having a heavy meal before bedtime.

3. Refrain yourself from entirely excluding specific food groups or particular food

carbs in foods

Some people while dieting entirely ban carbs from their diet. This isn’t going to help them but will lead to carving and overeating. Consume a diet that includes foods from all categories such as carbs, proteins, and fats. Also, eat plenty of fresh or cooked vegetables and fruits. Treat your body with nutrient-rich balanced diet.

4. Give a makeover to your recipes

change food makeover

Even if you have same food every day, cooked in different ways you can beat dieting boredom. Experiment something new and transform your old recipes without adding extra calorie. For example, sprouts can be eaten in 3 different ways. Saute them with little olive oil, make sprout salad adding fresh veggies or have them boiled. You can always look for new healthy calorie counted recipe online or in the recipe book and give yourself a task to try a different recipe every week.

5. Try new foods

replace your food

There are a variety of foods belonging to each food groups. If you are eating same fruits and vegetables, again and again, it is time to give a break and try something new. For example, till now if you were eating orange switch to some other citrus fruit like kiwi or strawberries. Just make sure to eat seasonal ones. Add variety and make your bowl colorful and nutrient-rich.

6. Season your food

spice up your food

Add taste and flavour to food by seasoning them with herbs, garlic, onion, spices, vinegar, a splash of wine and citrus juice.

7. Continue outings to restaurants where menu fits your meal plan

visit your fav restaurant

Dieting doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your meal out. Just find restaurants that offer diet friendly lean protein and vegetables. You can search for such restaurants online and also check their menu. Many restaurants share the nutritional information on their dishes online. Chose one that fits your daily calorie allowance and plans a treat. If you think you had enough calorie, then adjust other foods that you will eat for the rest of the day and stay on track.

8. Bank calories during weekdays to be used later

cheat meal for sunday

Weekends are for fun, and you may find it difficult to stick to the planned diet during weekends. You can treat weekends and plan a big meal if you have been eating diet-friendly foods and saving calories through the week. Better keep a count of calories you have been collecting and know how many calories indulge meal will cost.

9. Shop for your grocery

buy grocery according to your diet plan

Do not depend on others, step out and shop for your groceries if you want to bring your favorites back on your plate. While shopping read the label of everything that you pick and avoid items that are not diet friendly.

10. Vary exercises

exercise at different way

This tip may not be directly related to diet but in order to lose weight, it is essential to exercise. If you go on practicing the same training every day, boredom units in and will affect your diet plan. Try a new class or a new activity.

11. Add little of your favorite food

add favourite food to diet

Keep in mind dieting doesn’t restrict you from eating your favourite food. What you need to do is to track your calories and stay within the set allowance. Along with making every calorie count of its nutritional benefits also add a little of your favourite foods into your daily allowance to refrain yourself from getting bored and losing track.

There is an old proverb saying ‘Excess of everything is bad’. Do not to overdo any of the tip mentioned above, or it will affect your weight loss goal negatively. And, yes before making any significant switch in do not forget to consult your dietician.