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Top 25 Benefits of Barley Water for Hair, Skin and Health

The Barley water benefits have long been recognised by our ancestors. Somewhere along the way, this ancient remedy was forgotten amidst the quick “fixes” to health that allopathic medicine provides. However, as the shift towards eating pure and healthy foods continues to grow, the benefits of consuming barley water are once again coming into light.

There are various barley water benefits which have a significant impact on the hair, skin and health.


Healthy is an indication of a healthy body. When the human body faces a prolonged illness or is experiencing a deficiency in nutrients, it immediately affects the hair. Some common hair conditions include hair loss, hair thinning, premature greying, alopecia, dandruff, etc. this is where the barley water benefits cannot be discounted. It contains protein, dietary fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and carbohydrates.


  • Restores Hair Color

Drinking barley water on a daily basis helps to restore your hair colour. Barley is high in copper which is directly involved in forming melanin; the pigment responsible for your hair colour.

  • Promotes Growth

Barley water is filled with niacin and thiamine; two micronutrients that assist hair growth. It is also high in procyanidin B-3 thus barley water benefits in stimulating hair growth.

  • Fights Hair Loss

People suffering from anaemia are prone to hair loss. Another one of barley water benefits is that it is high in minerals such as copper and iron; both help in producing red blood cells. When the red blood cell count is high, it wards off anaemia and stimulates hair growth.


stay-hydrated1You are what you eat and drink! Considering the nutrition that barley water has, it clearly has many benefits for the human body.

  • Treats Urinary Tract Infections

In ayurvedic medicine, barley water is a natural diuretic. By consuming a glass on a regular basis, it promotes urination, thereby helping to flush out toxins and bacteria in the blood. Barley water has an anti-inflammatory effect on the kidneys. It cleanses the kidneys, which helps to treat high creatinine levels, kidney stones and cystitis.

  • Supports Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the main barley water benefits. It has high fibre content, especially of beta glucans. This helps to keep you feeling full for a longer time, preventing you from indulging in unnecessary eating. Drinking barley water also aids digestion and quickly metabolises fats. Drink at least three cups of barley water on a regular basis.

  • Lowers Cholesterol

Barley contains a generous amount of insoluble fibre. This plays a significant role in reducing cholesterol levels. The beta glucan content in barley water prevents the intestines and stomach from absorbing cholesterol ingested through food. Low cholesterol levels mean a decreased risk of developed coronary heart disease.

  • Helps the Heart

With the reduction of blood cholesterol comes the prevention of atherosclerosis; a thickening of the arterial walls that slows down blood flow. It leads to the development of cardiovascular disease. Another benefit of barley water is that it lowers high blood pressure which is a contributing factor to stroke.

  • Aids Digestion

barley water benefits

Barley water contains copious amounts of insoluble fibre and is alkaline. This makes it an excellent option for digestion and intestinal health. Drinking a glass of barley water a day helps to relieve a plethora of digestive problems such as haemorrhoids, gastritis and constipation. Moreover, if you experience bouts of diarrhoea, sip on barley water as it helps to restore your electrolyte balance and fluid levels. Barley water also reduces the secretion of bile which prevents the formation of gallstones.

  • Controls Diabetes

Barley water stabilises blood sugar levels. The beta glucan content in barley slows the process of glucose absorption post meals, thereby reducing the spike in insulin. Beta glucans reduce obesity which is a key indicator of Type 2 diabetes.

  • Body Coolant

To contend with that scorching summer heat, try a glass of barley water. It is nature’s coolant. Apart from providing hydration, barley water reduces your body temperature when it is overheated. In addition, it improves blood circulation. Make a refreshing barley drink by mixing rock sugar, lemon juice and barley water. Have it chilled or warm.

  • Builds Immunity

One of the main barley water health benefits is that it is a nutritional powerhouse. It contains a whole host of B vitamins, minerals and vitamins; all of which support and boosts the immune system. This provides you with protection against various infections and diseases such as the flu, cold virus and diarrhoea. The high copper and iron content in barley helps to prevent fatigue and anaemia. Read here to know about Kadha, an immunity booster.

  • Pregnancy Aid

barley water benefits during pregnancy

Barley water is a super tonic for pregnant women. Apart from easing morning sickness, preventing constipation and promoting digestion, barley water prevents fungal infections and regulates blood glucose levels. Barley water also helps to flush out excess water and toxins, thereby preventing oedema of the ankle and feet.

  • Provides Cancer Protection

Barley water is a rich source of the phytonutrient enterolactone; a lignin known to prevent breast cancer. Since it is high in insoluble fibre, barley water promotes the proper functioning of intestines which protects against colon cancer. The fibre content provides a shield against colorectal cancers as well.

  • Abates Anemia

Barley is filled with copper; a mineral that promotes haemoglobin production. This is necessary for creating red blood cells, which helps to reduce anaemia.

  • Prevents Gallstones

The fibre in barley water reduces the secretion of bile which is known to create gallstones. Regularly consuming barley water prevents this by increasing insulin sensitivity and reducing triglyceride levels.

  • Prevents Atherosclerosis

Barley water contains a high concentration of niacin, a B vitamin. It has lipid-altering and anti-inflammatory effects which help to slow atherosclerosis; a condition where the artery walls thicken due to the coagulation of fats such as cholesterol.

  • Prevents Osteoporosis

Barley water is lush with copper and phosphorous; minerals that promote healthy bones. Phosphorus is known to cure tooth and bone ailments. The juice of barley grass has more calcium content than milk. It also contains manganese which helps to produce normal bone.

  • Protects Organs

The nutritional content in barley water acts like a body shield by protecting the pancreas, liver, heart, intestines, etc. from various diseases and illnesses.  Consume at least two glasses of barley water a day to gain this benefit.

  • Diuretic Properties

One of the main benefits of barley water is that it is a natural diuretic. Since it promotes urination, a person’s chances of developing urinary tract infection are reduced. Consume up to four glasses per day to gain this benefit.


barley water benefits skin

Barley water is full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamin C, which makes it extremely beneficial for the skin.

  • Preserves Skin Elasticity

Barley water has high selenium content. Selenium protects against damage caused by free radicals which are known to reduce skin elasticity.

  • Improves Skin Tone

Drinking barley water facilitates skin tightening, giving your skin a well-toned, supple and younger looking appearance.

  • Anti-Ageing Properties

Barley water is rich in antioxidants which protect against free radicals. It helps to flush out toxins, helping to slow down the formation of wrinkles.

  • Healing Properties

Barley water is high in zinc which is known to heal the body. When taken on a regular basis, it can heal facial lesions within 6 months.

  • Excellent Cleanser

If you have acne, dip a cotton pad in some barley water and gently wipe the face. Barley water is high in azelaic acid which helps to unclog pores and controls inflammation.

  • Promotes Healthy Teeth

barley water benefits in teeth protectionBarley juice is a potent source of calcium, phosphorous, manganese and copper; all these minerals promote healthy teeth and bones. Consume at least two glasses per day to gain this benefit.

Say cheers to good health, hair and skin and enjoy the many barley water benefits!