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Bangalore’s Popular Health and Fitness Clubs

Being in a group, irrespective of its nature, is one of the best feelings. A sense of unity, belongingness and togetherness are what makes any group awesome.

“Couples who workout together, stay together.”
I’m sure it applies any two or more persons. Friendships and relationships are stronger in bond when they emerge through any sport or physical activity.

Moreover, if your group has presence on social fitness apps like Fitso or Strava where you can compete with your friends having the option of tracking and logging all your fitness activities and competing within yourselves in a fun way, then the results and motivational levels are much higher as opposed to an individual working out on his/her own.

So speaking about the importance and awesomeness of a grouped workout, here are some of the top Health and Fitness Clubs in Bangalore that you should consider if you’re looking to get into a fitness group.

Runners For Life

bangalore runners club

Arguably the most sought after group for runners in Bangalore. Starting off as a meetup group once a month, RFL has grown to start two famous races, the Bangalore Ultra and the Kaveri Trail Marathon. Apart from the two, many other races and runners collaborated events were organized by RFL ever since. It has over 28k followers on facebook and similar to its runners, it hasn’t looked back since.

Nike+ Run Club

bangalore running club nike

An initiative was taken up by Nike in India to set up a common platform for all running enthusiasts. Regular events all around India are held in the metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc. N+RC have collaborated with Runner For Life to conduct and many running events. Apart from the major events, there are many small scale meet up runs at its city stores.

Bangalore Runners

bangalore runners groupWith over 15k members, it is one of the largest fitness groups. Their vision is to promote the running community in Bangalore. News and updates regarding all events along with discussions and forums about everything running take place in this group.


Reebok Running Squad

reebbok running squadOne of the most anticipated groups among the list. RRS takes the initiative to not only collaborate running events but also provide professional training to all aspiring runners.
A Reebok Pump Run was held in Bangalore on the 1st of May, 2016. Their latest event was the Reebok Pump Run in Mumbai on the 4th of December, 2016.

They have nearly 11.5k followers on their page with thousands of active participants for every event.

Bangalore Cyclists Group

bangalore cycling groupSimilar to the approach of Bangalore Runners, BCG is a meetup group for the promotion and set-up of cycling events across Bangalore while also giving a common platform for people to plan meet ups for rides. They have around 4.7k Facebook group members and 3.5k members on MeetUp.

Meetup group: –

Bangalore Trekking Club

bangalore trekking club

A volunteer based non-profit group for trekking enthusiasts that organize trekking trips on weekends exploring random natural locations while also including other fun activities.
All enthusiasts and interested persons just have to subscribe to their page and register for their next event. They have over 18k followers and keep growing.


Bangalore Ascenders

bangalore adventure groups

A following of 6k people and over 1400 members makes Bangalore Ascenders one of the more famous and aspired fitness groups in Bangalore. Like that of Bangalore Trekking Club, Bangalore Ascenders, too, is a non-profit cost sharing group that organizes and conducts adventure trips for all interested participants. The group also focuses on the conservation and protection of the eco-system.

Bangalore Mountaineering Club

bangalore mountaineering club

The most followed group among the local groups with a following of over 40k. BMC is a social organisation that started in 2004 for adventurers. They organize various activities that include trekking, backpacking, camping, Jungle safari, White Water Rafting, Rock – climbing, Rappelling, Jumaring, Parasailing, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving, Sky – diving etc. Anyone can register and participate in events of their liking.


Gold’s Gym

best gyms in bangaloreAnyone who knows anything about fitness has definitely heard of Gold’s Gym. Gold’s Gyms are the largest chain of fitness centers. They are considered the best gyms anywhere. True to its name, the services and equipment provided are unparalleled. Most professionals of all sorts including movie stars, athletes, body builders etc, choose Gold’s Gym as their go-to fitness center. There are several centers in Bangalore alone. Choose one closest to you. It’s worth it. Many events are held at the centers on a regular basis.