Fitness Regime Followed by Prabhas & Rana for Bahubali 2

Testosterone overload. That’s what comes to mind when thinking about the big guns of the Bahubali franchise.

Prabhas has been in the movie game since 2002. He’s no small name in Tollywood. He has been the face of a fit/muscular body in Tollywood (before Rana took the spot). Prabhas grabbed the spotlight for his body for the role of Billa in the movie Billa, 2009 (remake of SRK’s Don).

With Bahubali, Prabhas became a full-fledged national icon and an international star to a certain extent. The body he built for Bahubali didn’t just come purely with genetics (although you must admit, both of them are total beefcakes)

Rana is more or less a young but bold blood in the Indian movie industry. He kicked off his acting career with Leader (2010) for which he won the Filmfare Award for best male debut – South, but he’s been in the industry since long performing as a special effects coordinator.

He’s made a name for himself in Bollywood as well with hits like Baby, the recent Ghazi Attack and Bahubali (Obviously).

Prabhas’ Workout has both high intensity and frequency working out nearly 3-4 hours per day divided into two sessions. Both sessions include cardio, weight training, strength training along with conditioning.

As you may have seen in the Bahubali 1, he had more of lean muscles with a little bit of bulk to them during scenes as Shivudu. In scenes as Amarendra Bahubali and the majority of 2nd part looks like a beefed up version of both the characters.  So it comes as no surprise that his workout has such high level of intensity and frequency.

That type of body doesn’t just come with a good session at the gym. Like we’ve always mentioned and nearly all fitness persons say, if gym constitutes to 20% of fitness, diet and lifestyle constitute to 75% with 5% for supplements.

Here’s what Prabhas’ diet looks like:

  • He is more or less like that of any bulking up diet with high protein foods including eggs, chicken, fish and almonds.
  • His diet takes it up to nearly 6-7 meals a day hitting nearly an approximate caloric count of 4000.
  • Along with this, he consumes between 40 to 50 egg whites a day mixed with protein powder and nearly half a kilo of chicken.
  • His carbs for the day comes from brown rice and fruits across several meals.
  • His weight was estimated to have reached upwards of 130 kilos in between the bulk up period.

Let’s not forget the other big gun, Rana who is always the man in the news when talking about body and muscles in the movie industry.

In most his interviews and everywhere else, Rana mentions his love for foods. He says he works out to burn the foods he eats rather than eat to cope with his workouts.

Rana’s workout routine is comparatively simpler than that of Prabhas’ since Rana had already been billed up before the production period of the franchise.

Workout Routine:

  • Rana’s workout is a balance of cardio and weight/strength training. On the days of shooting, he goes for a run in the morning and goes to the gym in the evening after the shoot.
  • On other days, it’s double the frequency with both morning and evening sessions covering cardio, weight and strength training exercises.
  • Obviously, as you can tell by his appearance, his main focus is on arm mass, chest and shoulders. Although he always manages to keep a good looking proportion between all his major muscle groups.

bahubali diet of rana

Diet Plan of Rana Daggubati:

  • Breakfast: 5 slices brown bread, 8 egg whites, Vegetables, Fruits

Much needed carbs after the intense cardio in the morning along with high water content fruits such as watermelon.

  • Mid-morning snack: Protein shake, Fruit
  • Lunch: Fish, Vegetables
  • Pre-evening workout snack: 4 slices brown bread, 4 bananas
  • Dinner: Chicken, Salad

He mentioned in an interview that he weighed around 80-85 kilos while filming Leader which were his much leaner years. Nowadays, his off production weight goes around 95-100 mark and Bahubali filming weight is high up to nearly 120-125 kilos. He has a considerable amount of body fat to go with his muscle mass to give that clean bulky look while not looking totally shredded.