Consequences of a Desk Job

consequences of office job

With computers taking over most of the work, and with the advent of communication technology, the nature of jobs has changed drastically. While most of us enjoy working on a lone desk on a laptop, or a desktop, the posture that our body keeps all through the day sitting in fixed positions concentrating on the […]

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Top Ten Fitness Trainers in India

fitness trainers in India

Since the last two decades, the definition of being healthy is being redefined to being fit, lean and muscular. Fitness has become the rage of today’s age not just for the youngsters, but even for the oldies. Gyms, that were once the hot spot for youngsters are now equally attended by middle aged and old […]

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Top 10 Indian Yoga Gurus

yoga gurus in India

The everyday word “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word “Yog” which means addition. It refers to adding “something” to connect to your higher self. It referred to spirituality, energy, awakening of the ‘chakras’, and other meditative forms to feel connected to the greater power and achieve the higher level of consciousness. This definition was relevant […]

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