Asthma: Prevention is better than Cure!

asthma prevention

With the breathing difficulties arising due to environmental pollution, we need to think twice before saying that breathing is a natural process. The Smog in NCR has been tough this year once again. It has forced us to use so much assistance for breathing, and even after all the help from air purifiers, filter masks, […]

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Top 10 Food Bloggers in Delhi-NCR

food blogs in Delhi

There has been a tremendous transformation in food habits, and food choices in the last decade. The advantages of staying fit and the various methods that can help in losing weight are now easily available over the internet. Losing weight has two equally important pillars: working out and eating right, and sticking to both of […]

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Train at the Best Indoor Heated Swimming Pool in Noida

swimming pool in Noida

We have some great news for the Noida swimming enthusiasts, as we have new indoor swimming pools in Noida. Now season will not be a barrier to your water rendezvous, and you can hone your swimming skills throughout the year. Fitso Seals brings to you, Noida’s best temperature-controlled swimming facility and training classes under India’s best […]

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Drinking Vodka is Healthier than Munching Lays

Hey party lovers! If you wish that you could enjoy partying, drinking and eating without worrying about the rise in figures on the weighing scale the next morning, read on. What is life without celebrations, and alcoholic beverages are an integral part of social get together, and though you may try, it becomes really hard […]

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Consequences of a Desk Job

consequences of office job

With computers taking over most of the work, and with the advent of communication technology, the nature of jobs has changed drastically. While most of us enjoy working on a lone desk on a laptop, or a desktop, the posture that our body keeps all through the day sitting in fixed positions concentrating on the […]

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Top Ten Fitness Trainers in India

fitness trainers in India

Since the last two decades, the definition of being healthy is being redefined to being fit, lean and muscular. Fitness has become the rage of today’s age not just for the youngsters, but even for the oldies. Gyms, that were once the hot spot for youngsters are now equally attended by middle aged and old […]

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Top 10 Yoga Gurus in India

yoga gurus in India

The everyday word “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word “Yog” which means addition. It refers to adding “something” to connect to your higher self. It referred to spirituality, energy, awakening of the ‘chakras’, and other meditative forms to feel connected to the greater power and achieve the higher level of consciousness. This definition was relevant […]

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Timing Your Meals Right Can Save Your Life

Is eating late night bad for your health?

Eating late at night, late dinner or heavy dinner has always been considered not so good for the health, and yet each time we plan an elaborate meal, a celebration or a party it is usually in the night. Time and again researchers have been conducted on how the meal timings impact health. Nutritionists since […]

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Food Combinations That You Should Avoid!

Have you ever felt, that you are not getting the health benefits that you deserve after eating plant-based food, organic food and all sorts of healthy food? While there can be other reasons to it, one of the common reason is eating your health food, in wrong combinations. Eating healthy food is not the key […]

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Getting Rid of Fat Face

how to lose fat face

While you may have worked really hard to lose weight, it is still a challenge to look slim without knowing how to reduce fat from face. If your face is slim, you can work on just the dressing to appear slim, but however slim you may be, if your face is fat, it does give […]

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