Toughest Running Events In The World

toughest running races

Toughest running events in the world are inspired by historic events and humans have been pursuing running for long. Running for not decades, not centuries but since time immemorial. In fact, today’s science supports the theory that running has actually helped our bodies evolve the way we are. Our ancestors ran for hunting and scavenging, […]

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Bodyweight Training- The New Crusader for Fitness!

Most of us aiming for muscle development find ourselves in a fix as to which style of training is superior. Its either lifting standard weights or bodyweight training. Bodyweight training is a compilation of all the exercises that do not require free weights or equipment. Consequently, the individual solely relies on his body weight to generate resistance. Push-ups, […]

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7 Craziest Health Trends to Keep an Eye on

secret of Entrepreneurs

The rise and fall of health trends, has cemented the position of the health and wellness industry in terms following. Both in India and abroad, we have witnessed bizarre conventions, short lasting fads, crazy diets and people embracing them all! Back home, we have seen “The Maggi Ban” and “The Return of Maggi”.We have seen people going […]

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Desert 500: Best day in the Saddle

Stranded in the middle of the Thar Desert and left alone on a long road with a punctured bicycle tube, endurance-cyclist Manjeet Singh’s chances of completing the 500 km long treacherous race looked very bleak. His lifetime goal of winning the famous Desert-500 Challenge started crumbling before his eyes and with tears, he almost bid […]

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