Top 4 Swimming Trunks for Men

swimming trunks

Swimming Trunks: Speedo A name that needs no introduction, Speedo is a favorite among competitive swimmers. The FastSkin range has been designed keeping in mind the different dynamics of competitive swimming. You can try the Racer Elite 2 and Racer X to get the best combination of comfort and competitive advantage. The USP of these […]

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7 New Things for Runners to Try in 2018

Let’s admit it, running gets monotonous at times, especially on foggy mornings when you put on your gear and brave through the smog to complete your distance. Music serves as a temporary rescue but running isn’t something that you can make a group activity out of! Of course, you can run with a group but […]

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Top Cycling Events in Bangalore

cycling in Bangalore

Ride a cycle this weekend in Bangalore to kiss stress goodbye Cycling is not only a fantastic, liberating experience but also a healthy one. Suitable for people of all ages, cycling makes you feel alive, refreshed, invigorated. A humble exercise with enormous benefits, cycling is great for the joints and an amazing cardio workout. You […]

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