7 Best Swimming Pools in Gurgaon

Best Swimming Pools in Gurgaon

It’s that time when everybody around has been discussing the entry of singing summer in this piece of the nation. Only a well-suited time to go for a long and reviving swim which won’t just enable you to remain cool, additionally help shed those additional calories. In Gurgaon, there are lots of swimming pools in […]

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Foxtail Millet: A Healthy Option for Weight Loss

Foxtail Millets Health Benefits

So you have browsed the various weight reduction sites and health improvement plans however you continually gone over dietitians, nutritionists, specialists prescribing millet for weight reduction. They appear to have clever names too, for example, sorghum, foxtail, finger millet or stable area millet to simply name a couple. Yet, is there truly any legitimacy in […]

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Huma Qureshi – The Perfect Example of How to Keep Your Curves and Lose Weight

Huma Quereshi Weightloss Success Story

Bollywood has seen its actresses transform to define beauty. Many stars have chosen to go from fat to fit including¬† Aliya Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and even actors like Arjun Kapoor and the latest among them is Huma Qureshi. Bold and beautiful Huma broke the stereotypical concept of skinny actresses flaunting her curves beautifully […]

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