Revital Capsules – A Shortcut for Healthy Life

revital capsules benefits and side-effects

There were days when people ate well and worked hard. The food was cooked on a grand scale feeding at least a minimum of 10 members, and equally was the work carried out. Be it domestic or outdoor work, there were no shortcuts and means to machines to ease out the daily chores. I remember […]

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Ready for Triathlon : Time to Level Up Your Limit


Sports has inspired many people across the globe not only as a recreational activity, but as a regime to achieve fitness goals and the overall well being. One such sport activity that has forayed into the Indian sports arena is the Triathlon. As the name suggests it consists of 3 activities namely swimming, cycling and […]

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Why Every Runner Must Have a Personal Coach

Running, walking or jogging no matter what you call it has gained immense significance among the millennials and soon catching up with people of all ages. For some people, it is a time for a respite from the mundane routine; for some, it is a fitness regime, and for some, it is a perfect date […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Honey

When I think about honey, I can’t help but drool. With its dominant existence since time immemorial, it has been a preemptive factor in culinary fields as well as medical fields. Its medicinal usage can be dated back to aeons which have been documented by the Greeks, Romans, and the Egyptians. What makes honey so […]

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Paleo Diet – A Beginner’s Guide

Paleo Diet is one of the healthiest ways to achieve a lean body. People from different medical fields have hailed Paleo Diet as one of the most effective means to treat uprising and deteriorating diseases. Diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, infertility can be treated. Paleo diet is a testimony to our ancestors and to […]

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Water Therapy And Detox For Weight Loss

water therapy for weight loss

Water therapy for weight loss is a great way to shed extra pounds, and what makes it more popular among people is that there is not much restriction over the kind of food you eat. Without a doubt, we all can agree that water is by far the most essential element that not only keeps your […]

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The Real Truth About Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Weight loss

With all the mojo of Apple Cider Vinegar, (ACV) it’s high time we get the facts separated from the myths. The claims or benefits that are attributed to ACV such as weight loss, elimination of toxins, or keeping the bad cholesterol low are not evidently backed by science. We just have to wait and watch if […]

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Major Nutritional Deficiencies in Indian Diet

nutritional foods in india

As per the World Health, India is one of the highest-ranking countries in the world in terms of children suffering from malnutrition. The reasons for these are pretty apparent. Let’s deviate a bit from this and focus on an equally relevant problem, that is nutritional deficiencies in our diet. Looking into the diversity and demography […]

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Debunking the Myths of Olive Oil

Off late olive oil has gained immense popularity among people in general. It has become a common household name in terms of acquaintance, flavour and how best the product can be used considering its price. As we all know olive oil commonly comes as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, and Pomace Olive Oil. […]

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