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So How did we come up with these numbers? Fitso Reminder Plans Justify through Value One Big Happy Community   First, a quick reminder! As you already might know, we at Fitso are trying to bring about positive change & impact in the swimming space (since late 2017). We’ve been at it for almost a couple of years, and we’ve learned and seen a fair bit. We’ve reacted passively, actively and now we’re in a position to be proactive. To quickly recap – we’re successfully operating 10 (7+3) swimming pools across Delhi NCR. We’ve had over ______ memberships, out of…

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  Before you start, let me take you through how this flows – There’s a quick summary (TL;DR) version and the expanded, elaborated version follows straight after. Who are WE and What have WE been up to Current Landscape (of the swimming market and community) Why coaching? The way forward! If you’d like to skip the fluff (intros, background et al), you can go straight to the 3rd part ‘Why Coaching?’. You can always scroll right back up anytime to know more! Why the fluff though? Because in order to understand our perspective, our vision, our ideas, our motives, you…

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