Swimming Classes in Ghaziabad, You Should Know About!

Swimming is one of the most important physical sports that helps not only to stay fit but also to stay agile. It improves both concentration and flexibility. The best part about learning swimming is that it increases your muscle strength. It increases the heart rate and keeps the stress level down. Various strokes in swimming […]

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Top 5 Swimming Classes in Greater Noida 

swimming classes in greater noida

Physical activity is very crucial in the fast-paced lives nowadays. In order to stay fit both mentally and physically, swimming is the best physical activity to rejuvenate and feel alive. Here, we will list the best swimming classes in Greater Noida where one can opt for good exercise for kids and adults. Swimming can be […]

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Self-Defence and Its Importance for All in Today’s World

importance of self defence

Self-Defense is the method by which one can protect oneself with one’s own strength. It involves various techniques but the first step towards it is Fitness. Learning self-defense through fitness is of prime importance as there are tremendous power imbalance and unsafety where we live today. This also tends to break the stereotype about women. […]

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Fitso Sports : A Revolution in The Sports World

sports academy in gurgaon

Are sports even important? This should not be a question. From early ages, Sports has contributed a lot to mankind and this society. Athletes have lower body mass indexes and have good muscle development. It also tends to burn calories. Sports activities reduce the chances of lifestyle and cardiac diseases such as diabetes and high […]

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Abhishek Rathor – Fastest Indian to cross 120 KM in 12 Hours

fastest 12 hour finisher in india

The Story of National Record Champion “I wished that it would get over quickly, but quitting was never an option. The discomfort only made me run faster and better.” When IRONMAN Abhishek Rathor became the First Indian to cross 120 Km mark in 12 hours and create a new NEB 12 Hours Category record on Indian […]

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Strengthening Mental Health with Swimming

swimming improves mental health

Understanding Mental Health Holistically Mental stress can be due to work, education, money problems, or relationship issues. These things can further cause depression and anxiety. As you grow older and get into your routine life, your mental health tends to take a backseat. Mental health can be understood as two terms, one is mental wellbeing […]

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A Revolution to Make India Swimming Literate

make india swimming literate

It is time we stop being obsessed only over popular sports such as Cricket and understand the significance of all sports. Swimming is one such under-appreciated sport. It is not the lack of talent but the lack of technology, infrastructure and other facilities to give the most optimal coaching environment for all swimming talents in […]

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Why is there a Dearth of Swimming Facilities in Delhi?

Talent succeeds only when given the right kind of environment to grow and nurture. This applies to all careers and swimming is a field which is not left as an exception. Having said this, Delhi, the Capital of India itself faces reducing the number of heated pools. What’s more depressing is that there is no […]

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Most acclaimed Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal

Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal One of the “Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal”, is a young and talented Indian swimmer born on 23rd January 1989. He has contested in various swimming events, few of which include the men’s 100 m and 200 m breaststroke events. He has also participated in the 2010 Asian Juniors that […]

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7 Best Swimming Goggles For The Best Pool Experience

swimming goggles

There is an ever increasing need for the perfect pool experience and swimming goggles are designed to give you just that. Of all the swimming accessories, swimming goggles are one such accessory that you can’t do without. A good pair of goggles has the power to make all the difference to your swimming, whether that […]

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#FitWomanFitFamily- Initiative by Fitso

It has been rightly said by many social leaders, that when you educate a woman you educate the entire family and the generations to come. The same is applicable in terms of fitness and no one gets that better than Fitso! After launching our second indoor swimming pool last week with temperature controlling and heating […]

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