Sankalp Jain’s Run from Mediocrity to Marvel

sankalp jain running journey with fitso review, feedback

What started off as a random shot in the dark casual experience, proved to be the turning point of Sankalp Jain’s life. Going from a normal everyday office worker to a proper marathon runner. This is Sankalp’s success story about how he became a runner. Here’s what we learned in an interview with him. How […]

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Paloma Monappa: Diet and Fitness

paloma monnappa fitness

If you’re a follower of the modelling world in India, you sure have heard of the gorgeous Paloma Monnappa. Originating from Karnataka, this half Coorgi half Tibetan has taken the hearts of the youth by storm. Besides her obviously stunning looks, Monnappa is one of the few multi-talented models out there. Monnappa has acted in […]

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Amway Protein Powder: Is It Worth It?

amway protein powder review

Amway and Nutrilite are no small names in the area of health products and supplements. Nutrilite has been in business for nearly 80 years now. Nutrilite has been one of the most trusted health product manufacturers in the world. Their products are widely used by all types of people with all sorts of lifestyles. One […]

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Yakult Probiotic Drink: Benefits and Side Effects

yakult benefits

Yakult is the world’s leading probiotic drink. It is prepared through the fermentation of milk and it contains over 6.5 billion good probiotic bacteria. In the article, we will cover Yakult benefits, side-effects, and common FAQs. Let’s start with – what are probiotics? Is there anything called good bacteria? Let’s break it up! Probiotics are a […]

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Sunny Leone Fitness Secrets to Stay Fit & Healthy

sunny leone fitness secrets

Sunny Leone, born Karenjit Kaur Vohra, needs no special introduction. Since her appearance in Bigg Boss 2011, she has taken the Indian entertainment industry by storm as well as our hearts. Starting out as an adult film actress, she caught mainstream attention with her participation in the 2011 edition of Bigg Boss. Nearly 5 years later, she […]

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Justin Trudeau: The Fit Politician

Justin Trudeau. The name shouldn’t be unfamiliar to anyone who follows the internet and it’s never ending craze for the awesome people. Justin Trudeau is just that. The Canadian PM, son the former Canada PM Pierre Trudeau, is undoubtedly the coolest politician in the world. Besides his radical governance approach and down to earth personality, […]

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Lose 7 kg in 14 Days with Cucumber Detox Diet

cucumber diet

You heard it right, at least 7 kg weight loss in under two weeks. This is no click-bait rather proven results via the healthy, restricted diet plan based on cucumber. The diet is plain and simple. You substitute a few items on your menu for different food recipes based on cucumber. These include salads, shakes etc. First let’s […]

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10 Motivational Movies and Documentaries For Runners

motivational running movie

Inspiration and motivation to get things done can come from anywhere. Movies are, in this new time and age, the perfect catalyst to motivate an individual to get things done. The natural high, the adrenaline rush and the chills down the spine during that climatic or a character-defining scene is pure awesomeness to say the […]

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Latest Running Events 2017 – Bangalore

running events in bangalore

Fitso is your one-stop shop for everything running. Events, techniques, equipment, preparation and any and everything about running. Its all here. If you’re a follower of the page or a runner/enthusiast, you’ve probably been to the page for all the details for the latest running events across all major cities in India. You can find […]

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National Records in Running – Women

national records in running - women

We’ve previously covered Men’s national records in running events. When we talk about Indian sportswomen, our heads automatically turn towards the likes of Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Karnam Malleshwari and so on. The first name that pops into our minds when speaking of track events, is PT Usha. Her achievements in track events […]

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Fitness Regime Followed by Prabhas & Rana for Bahubali 2

Testosterone overload. That’s what comes to mind when thinking about the big guns of the Bahubali franchise. Prabhas has been in the movie game since 2002. He’s no small name in Tollywood. He has been the face of a fit/muscular body in Tollywood (before Rana took the spot). Prabhas grabbed the spotlight for his body […]

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5 Best Patanjali Products for Easy Weight Loss

Patanjali Products, weight loss

Patanjali products for weight loss are a hit in the Indian society today. The products are natural, organic products with ayurvedic ingredients at extremely affordable and competitive prices have been a revolution. Patanjali weight loss products have shown great results and received positive feedback from the customers. We have covered top 5 types of products […]

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