What Makes Swimming Better Than Gym?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about an activity to get good health? If we are not wrong, the gym would top the list, then running and maybe in sports, cricket would come in mind. But is this list the reflection of the true order of activities to […]

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These 7 Questions will Reveal What Kind of a Swimmer You Are!

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Fitso SEALs Swimming Classes – Delhi/NCR

Fitso SEALs swimming classes in Delhi-NCR

Fitso SEALs being one of the finest and premium swimming classes in Delhi  NCR, is also a place where people learn and recreate their time. Fitso SEALs provides the finest swimming facilities in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad under India’s highly qualified and certified coaches. SEALs swimming programs are specifically designed to improve and enhance capabilities of […]

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Flash Circuit Training

circuit training workout

Marathon Training Outline Flash Circuit Training is the most time efficient Circuit Training Workout to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance and also includes constant motivation, positive reinforcement, and a fun, safe environment for all different fitness levels, ages and sizes — everyone can handle and benefit greatly. Flash Circuit Training is an outdoor fitness program that incorporates: Power Strength […]

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How to Swim-Beginner’s guide

beginners guide for swimming

Swimming is all about action. If you are not quick, you might just sink.That is why one must learn how to swim. Swimming is among the most revered activities that most health coaches recommend to men, women and children alike. In swimming, your muscles are constantly under pressure due to the tick density of water. […]

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