Popular Running Clubs in Delhi/NCR

running groups in delhi ncr

Nike+ run club Nike+ run club was the first ever running club to be launched in India. It was opened in 2011 to encourage people to achieve their best. Six years later, the club has thousands of running members. Nike+ run club focuses on making runners realize their true potential. The two running coaches of […]

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Unsnack! Nutrition Dense Mix of Nuts, Berries and Seeds Review

unsnack benefits

Snacking is one of the major reasons behind gaining weight and unhealthy bodies. Most people snack on munchies while being completely unmindful of the calories and the cholesterol which they are putting inside their bodies. Most snacks like chips, cakes, nachos and even cookies are extremely calorie dense food items. Many of them contain high […]

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Latest Running Events in Delhi/NCR

Latest Running Events in Delhi

Nehru Park Fun Run Date: 21st May                   Location: Nehru Park, New Delhi Details: Just like the name says, this is a run purely aimed at having fun. It won’t be timed at all. Participants are free to choose between 6 kilometers and 12 kilometers. All runners will get refreshments, participant medals and certificates. Contact: E-mail […]

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The Source of Energy From These Drinks is Endless!

Energy drinks in india are mostly caffeine based drinks meant for providing instant energy to the body. However, the thing with instant energy is that comes and goes away quickly. Following are few energy drinks in India for providing sustained energy to the body. 1. Amul Pro Amul Pro is a whey protein based drink. The […]

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Popular Vegan milks in India

vegan milk

Being Vegan means consuming products which aren’t derived from animals. Other than being a compassionate choice, being vegan also leads to a much healthier lifestyle. Let us take a look at the two most popular types of vegan milk available in India. Soya Milk Undoubtedly the most popular amongst all types of vegan milk, Soya […]

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Top 10 Fastest Runners In International Cricket

10 fastest runners

Running is almost like an art form. It requires speed, agility, precision and off course top-level fitness. Following is a list of some of the best runners in the world, in no particular order. David Warner It is a common sight to see David Warner run like a hound on the field. He is credited […]

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Healthier Choice Between Cow vs Buffalo Milk

cow milk vs buffalo milk

Cow’s milk and Buffalo milk are both popular choices in India. The latter is especially favoured while making thick beverages like “lassi”. Let us look at some of the benefits and nutritional facts of these two types of milk. Cow milk vs Buffalo milk Buffalo milk Cow’s milk Extremely good course of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium […]

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How To Work Out Based On Your Personality Type

personality based workout

Fitness has a different meaning for everyone. For some, it means taking a long walk. For some others, it means going to the gym and sweating it out. For some, it means a relaxing yoga session and for some others, it might be going for a jog. Just like how we all have different personalities, fitness […]

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Top 8 Healthy Reasons to Eat Jamun Fruit

jamun benefits and side effects

Jamun, also known as Aronia, is a popular fruit found in many parts of Asia. It is often eaten as a snack and also as juice. It is known for its tangy taste and for the purple stain it leaves on the tongue. Here you will get to know many surprising and amazing Jamun benefits […]

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Spinch Juice: Why We Should Drink Daily?

Spinach isn’t something which most people like to eat. However, most bland tasting foods also happen to be the healthiest ones. Read on to find out about spinach juice benefits. Nutrients in Spinach Spinach contains Amino acids, Magnesium, Potassium, Carotenes, Iodine and Iron. It also contains Vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K. The […]

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Coconut Water: A Healthy Drink during Pregnancy

coconut water during pregnancy

Coconut water is nature’s own health drink. It has negligible calories and it is loaded with minerals and vitamins. It is a sterile and completely natural source of hydration and energy. Let us take a look at the benefits of coconut water during pregnancy. Immunity Booster Coconut water is a natural immunity booster, whether you […]

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10 kg Weight Loss in 15 Days with Liquid Diet is Going Viral

10 kg weight loss in 15 days with liquid diet

Going for 10 kg weight loss in 15 days with liquid diet can prove beneficial for obese individuals. Our body often stops reacting to exercising and dieting. As a result, the weight becomes stable and doesn’t seem to reduce. This is known as a “weight loss plateau”. A liquid diet can break this plateau. Benefits of […]

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Amazing No Sugar Added Sweets and Desserts Recipes

sugar free sweets

Preparing sugar free sweets for diabetics, dieters, and anyone else concerned about their sugar intake can be a fun and easy task if know proper ingredients and have a few good recipes. Who doesn’t love sweets, but unfortunately, they don’t love us back. Pure sugar has been proved a bad deal for the health on […]

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