Ranveer Singh: Workout, Diet & Fitness Tips

ranveer singh workout

From Ranking No. 12 in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list to being Esquire Magazine’s International Man of the year, Ranveer Singh has all that it takes to be a sensation. Seen in a regular boy next door image in Band Baja Baraat to a villainous Alauddin Khilji in Padmavati, he has indeed come a long […]

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Things You Must Know Before Marrying A Runner

“Run fast, Run slow,  Run far, Run close, JUST RUN” Well, this is what a runner believes in. To them running is not just another form of exercise for a healthy life but their life itself revolves around running. They know that like exercise changes your body, running changes your life. So how does life […]

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Gary Robbins- Story of Barkley Marathon 2017

Barkley Marathon, the 100 mile, legendary race which runs through the thick woods and difficult terrain of Frozen Head State Park, is considered to be one of the most challenging races in the world. Its annual entry limit of 40 runners, secretive registration process and the requirement of collecting pages of books on course to […]

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Nutrients Your Body Lacks Revealed By Face

healthy skin

Regardless of age or gender, all of us vie for a healthy, glowing skin. But is the health of our skin solely dependent on the mercy of the oh-so-expensive skin care products that we use? Certainly not. Thanks to the technological advancements, we’re well aware of the numerous chemicals that the cosmetics are loaded with […]

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The BIG Weight Loss Journey of ‘The Big Show’

big show weight loss

Paul Donald Wight II, popularly known as ‘The Big Show’, is an American Professional wrestler and a WWE legend. Even the non-wrestling fans know who Big Show is and lately, he has been in the limelight but no, not for his wrestling skills or his giant outlook but a daring weight loss journey that he undertook […]

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Get Rid Of Weight Rectifying These Hormones

hormonal imbalance

Lately, you’ve put on a lot of weight and tried losing it but all in vain. Even after eating right, doing the right kind of exercise, nothing seems to work. A reliable weight loss plan that had been working for years is suddenly not working for you. If you are one of those, plagued with such thoughts, the […]

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Lose 3 Kgs With Exclusive 4 Step Weight Loss Plan

Want to lose weight? Well then you might have come across thousands of weight loss plans online or elsewhere too, that boast about making you lose weight within lightening time. But no matter how many times they attract you with fancy diet plans, the truth is that weight loss is a gradual process and has […]

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Sources of Healthy Fats And Their Importance

benefits of fat

Whether you’re trying to lose those extra pounds or trying to gain some, healthy fats are an important part of balanced nutrition. But as soon as we hear about fat laden foods, all we think of is that it will make us put on weight, hence we try to steer clear of all the fat […]

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Don’t just breathe with your Loved Ones, Start Living!

With all the fitness advice available everywhere, we all know how important it is for us to stay healthy. So, without blabbering much about its importance, let’s turn towards the fact that despite knowing how essential it is to stay fit, all of us run away from working out. Now come on, who wants to […]

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Anant Ambani Weight Loss Jouney

anant ambani weight loss before

Anant Ambani is the younger son of Nita and Mukesh Ambani. This Ambani scion has struggled with obesity for years but has now become an inspiration to many! Reportedly, Anant suffers from chronic asthma and his medication along with his lifestyle was what led to his weight gain. Besides being known for an oh-so-rich family legacy, […]

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Iron War: One of the Greatest Endurance Stories Ever!

iron war

It was on October 14, 1989 in Kona when Mark Allen defeated Dave Scott after six unsuccessful attempts earlier, in one of the most exciting races ever run in Iron Man history. So popular, that later, the race itself came to be known as Iron War. Mark Allen and Dave Scott were one of the […]

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Nia Sharma Fitness Routine: Simple & Easy to Follow

From ranking no. 3 in UK’s top 50 Sexiest Asian women list to bagging a project with Vikram Bhatt produced web series, ‘Twisted’, this beautiful lady is someone to watch out for. All the telly soap ladies are well familiar with Jamai Raja fame actor, Nia Sharma. She rose to fame with her Zee TV […]

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