Parineeti Chopra’s Weight Loss Journey is Exemplary

PArineeti Chopra Weight Loss

Gleamy faces and svelte figures are of paramount importance in the film industry. Bollywood thrives on glamor, and glamor is about what and who you see on screen.  This is what it takes to be in this profession. The zeal to flourish in Bollywood keeps the celebrities going. And, Parineeti Chopra worked way hard to behove […]

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Priyanka Chopra Diet Plan for Quick Weight loss

priyanka chopra diet

The glamour audience experiences on silver screen is a direct effect of the persevering endeavors by celebrities. It takes a lot more than rouge, mascara and cologne for an actress to stand out on-screen. One such diva whose profuse labour off-screen manifests phenomenally on-screen is Piggy Chopz, aka, Priyanka Chopra. Of all the domains they […]

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Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds (Phool Makhana)

phool makhana benefits

The generation today has submitted themselves to the cans-crammed cabinets of a supermarket. That ideal kitchen defined by our grandmother is no more existent. It is because modernity has made our minds way too skeptical to believe in the goodness of naturally found food. Well, to be modern doesn’t mean discarding those food items which […]

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33 Amazing Home Remedies to Gain Weight Quickly

home remedies to gain weight

The existence of everything and every being in our established society is complimentary. Isn’t it? Some are hooked to the fad of hitting gyms and get rid of flabs suspended around the waistline, while some around would remind you of that frame of skeleton cornered in the Biology lab. Be it a tag of ‘fat’ […]

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19 Ringworm Home Remedies

Ringworm home remedies

Looking for ringworm home remedies. We have 19 extremely simple and effective solution for you. What is Ringworm? Often seen red patches on our skin, effectuated by fungus, are literally termed as ringworm. Ringworm, not a deadly disease though, is very irritable and itchy. Blisters infused with puss too manifest in worst scenarios. Sweat prone areas […]

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Healthy Shades Of Marijuana: 11 Benefits

benefits of weed

To legalize marijuana has since long been an undecided conundrum. Marijuana’s proponents in the United States claim it as rather safer than alcohol, while opponents disregard it as low as ‘drugs’. Is it really safe? Or is it still away to get a green nod from the jury? Further research may push it close to […]

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10 Ways To Achieve Fast Fat-Loss & Muscle Gain!

lose weight fast

To gain and lose simultaneously is in itself a paradox. Losing fat and gaining muscle is what most of the fitness buffs hanker for. But yeah, gaining muscle and losing fat isn’t as simple as it is to write. However, it’s not a pipedream too. Disciplined and staunch attitude towards your fitness regime does make […]

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Yeast Free Diet Plan

You really need to ascertain whether the diet you are into is acting as a benefactor to the foe-like yeasts in your body. Yeast in nature is prolifically present all around, in fact, in our own body too. All of these, our mouth, the digestive tract, the urinary tract and the genital area shelter yeast. […]

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Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss In 7 Days

Modified GM Diet

People glory in weight loss more than any of their other earnest desires. Some count it nothing more than a fad and their dedication, hence, towards it dwindles sooner. While, some by weight loss apprehend of a healthier life and therefore give their utmost. For them, the ones belonging to the latter, 7 days GM […]

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Can Doing Nothing Make You Slim And Trim?

Is there a lazy way to lose weight? Expeditiously evolving society is bringing forth a spike in the population of an intelligentsia. More and more, as compared to the yesterdays, are believed to have their cap set in flaunting a more pronounced body. No more do the people choose to be nonchalant towards their fitness. There’s […]

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Can Weed Help You Reach Your Fitness Goal?

Does weed help you loose weight?

Hunger pangs after a few tokes of marijuana are forthwith. This, the day since its discovery, commonly observed experience has kicked off inscrutable, yet beyond the bounds of scientific researchers, controversies, the quandary that does weed make you lose weight or gain weight, despite the continuous R&D, is at its greatest. Both the existing mystical […]

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Early Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition: What to Eat, What Not to Eat

Early Pregnancy Diet

They say responsibility doubles for a woman as soon as she elevates herself to the post of a mother. But it is better said ‘responsibility doubles the moment she embarks upon her nine-month long journey’. To be a mother differs greatly from that to be a woman. Doesn’t the fact that the two lives breathe […]

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