Beer Yoga is Not Prank but Fun Fitness Activity

There’s no joy on par with the cans of beer streaming down our gut. Pints of beer do no good to our body; however, beer, if assorted with yoga, renders astounding effects on our health. Conventionally, yoga would win over in the match of ‘yoga versus beer’. Although, by new definition of the health trend, […]

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Health Myths That You Must Give Up Now

Health myths

He is fool who believes in everything he hears, without even caring to find out whether or not any logic governs it. Being human is to inherently use the reasonable bent of our mind and not accumulate anything that is rumoured around in our mind. From superstitions to myths, despite the paradigm shift in modernity […]

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Check Out If You’re Drinking Water Right

drinking water

In the language of Chemistry, this simplest compound-water, alias H20-has the most complicated dos and don’ts associated, when it comes to drinking. Some under-drink it, while some over-drink. Some just drink it, unmindful of when and how much to drink. Some just don’t drink it, confusing hunger with thirst, and end up stuffing in more-than-required […]

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Werewolf Diet: Shed upto 6 pounds in 24 Hours

werewolf diet

Much like fashion, diets too trend these days. Don’t you update your closet time to time? On a very similar note, diets too are a popular fad nowadays and, trendsetters keep coming up with new diets. And why not! A fit body, which is governed by a healthy diet is, after all, a prerequisite before […]

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Exclusively Curated Healthy Grocery List

To prepare a grocery list is not like one of the other mundane household chores. It is too a skill. Do not consider grocery buy as trivial as a regular transaction. For, on it depends our health. While we are so fussy and meticulous towards our garment shopping, we aren’t so in the grocery outlet. […]

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Exemplary Two Way Journey To Gain And To Lose Back

How do you expect an actress to be in her debut? Conventionally speaking, if anything, an actress is bound to pose her svelte bodyline. Plumped body image just doesn’t match with the audience’s envision. Defying such stereotyped mindset towards an actress came forth against the Bollywood clichés an upper-middle class lady, Bhumi Pednekar. She emerged […]

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Priyanka Chopra Diet Plan for Quick Weight loss

priyanka chopra diet

The glamour audience experiences on silver screen is a direct effect of the persevering endeavors by celebrities. It takes a lot more than rouge, mascara and cologne for an actress to stand out on-screen. One such diva whose profuse labour off-screen manifests phenomenally on-screen is Piggy Chopz, aka, Priyanka Chopra. Of all the domains they […]

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Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds (Phool Makhana)

phool makhana benefits

The generation today has submitted themselves to the cans-crammed cabinets of a supermarket. That ideal kitchen defined by our grandmother is no more existent. It is because modernity has made our minds way too skeptical to believe in the goodness of naturally found food. Well, to be modern doesn’t mean discarding those food items which […]

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33 Amazing Home Remedies to Gain Weight Quickly

home remedies to gain weight

The existence of everything and every being in our established society is complimentary. Isn’t it? Some are hooked to the fad of hitting gyms and get rid of flabs suspended around the waistline, while some around would remind you of that frame of skeleton cornered in the Biology lab. Be it a tag of ‘fat’ […]

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19 Ringworm Home Remedies

Ringworm home remedies

Looking for ringworm home remedies. We have 19 extremely simple and effective solution for you. What is Ringworm? Often seen red patches on our skin, effectuated by fungus, are literally termed as ringworm. Ringworm, not a deadly disease though, is very irritable and itchy. Blisters infused with puss too manifest in worst scenarios. Sweat prone areas […]

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Yeast Free Diet Plan

You really need to ascertain whether the diet you are into is acting as a benefactor to the foe-like yeasts in your body. Yeast in nature is prolifically present all around, in fact, in our own body too. All of these, our mouth, the digestive tract, the urinary tract and the genital area shelter yeast. […]

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Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss In 7 Days

Modified GM Diet

People glory in weight loss more than any of their other earnest desires. Some count it nothing more than a fad and their dedication, hence, towards it dwindles sooner. While, some by weight loss apprehend of a healthier life and therefore give their utmost. For them, the ones belonging to the latter, 7 days GM […]

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