Jacqueline Fernandez Fitness Secrets To Her Toned Body

jacqueline fernandez diet

Beauty drain from Sri Lanka to India was a boon to Bollywood as it bagged one of the finest actresses into its flock, Jacqueline Fernandez. This Srilankan model has merely completed her 31 revolutions around the sun, but the glow of her beauty and body doesn’t quite hint at her being in the early thirties. […]

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Beer Yoga is Not Prank but Fun Fitness Activity

There’s no joy on par with the cans of beer streaming down our gut. Pints of beer do no good to our body; however, beer, if assorted with yoga, renders astounding effects on our health. Conventionally, yoga would win over in the match of ‘yoga versus beer’. Although, by new definition of the health trend, […]

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Health Myths That You Must Give Up Now

Health myths

He is fool who believes in everything he hears, without even caring to find out whether or not any logic governs it. Being human is to inherently use the reasonable bent of our mind and not accumulate anything that is rumoured around in our mind. From superstitions to myths, despite the paradigm shift in modernity […]

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Check Out If You’re Drinking Water Right

drinking water

In the language of Chemistry, this simplest compound-water, alias H20-has the most complicated dos and don’ts associated, when it comes to drinking. Some under-drink it, while some over-drink. Some just drink it, unmindful of when and how much to drink. Some just don’t drink it, confusing hunger with thirst, and end up stuffing in more-than-required […]

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Werewolf Diet: Shed upto 6 pounds in 24 Hours

werewolf diet

Much like fashion, diets too trend these days. Don’t you update your closet time to time? On a very similar note, diets too are a popular fad nowadays and, trendsetters keep coming up with new diets. And why not! A fit body, which is governed by a healthy diet is, after all, a prerequisite before […]

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Five-second Rule’ for food dropped on the floor

five second rule

Often, while on its way to our mouth, food morsels slide down to thud on the floor. Or while chopping down fruits, a few chunks dart down to land on the kitchen floor. Reflexively, one stoops to pick it up or dispose it off, depending upon the type of food material or the span of […]

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Exclusively Curated Healthy Grocery List

To prepare a grocery list is not like one of the other mundane household chores. It is too a skill. Do not consider grocery buy as trivial as a regular transaction. For, on it depends our health. While we are so fussy and meticulous towards our garment shopping, we aren’t so in the grocery outlet. […]

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Common Weight Loss Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

Losing weight is anyways not a piece of cake. It’s too much of hard work, in all the possible forms, vested on a body that mobilises the mass of coalescent fats in your belly to get flounced out from your body. You embrace all the lifestyle changes to slip into a right shape, but the […]

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Exemplary Two Way Journey To Gain And To Lose Back

How do you expect an actress to be in her debut? Conventionally speaking, if anything, an actress is bound to pose her svelte bodyline. Plumped body image just doesn’t match with the audience’s envision. Defying such stereotyped mindset towards an actress came forth against the Bollywood clichés an upper-middle class lady, Bhumi Pednekar. She emerged […]

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Secret of Candice Swanepoel’s Gorgeousness Is Her Diet

Maybe or may not be true, but most of the fitness-aspiring girls tend to be a vehement follower of a selected few actresses around the globe. This is because their minds are embedded with the names of some top-notch actresses and hence are they inquisitive about their day-to-day routine than that of models who too […]

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Health Mantra- Follow Alkaline Diet, Forget Chronic Diseases

The Alkaline Diet

Diet, to put in simple words, is our food habits. Like habits, some people practice good food habits while some, bad. There is nothing called managed diet in most of the people’s lives as they binge on anything and everything unmindfully. Hence, it is not surprising if people know zilch about alkaline diet. You will […]

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Mandira Bedi: “Train Like a Beast and Look Like a Beauty”

mandira bedi fitness

The sassy bodyline of this 44-year-old woman will leave most of the girls in twenty green with envy. I do not even feel the need of naming this extremely popular face. Come on! Who on the earth wouldn’t be known to Mandira Bedi? Don’t you remember Preeti from ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’? Don’t you remember […]

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