Cashew Nut : Best Natural Anti-depressants

cashew nut

If you oftenly feel depressed, don’t think about medications right away. Cashew Nuts are the best cure for your problem. Cashew Nuts are one of the healthiest foods known in the world. Many of us are not aware about the numerous benefits they offer and only a few percentage of natural benefits medicines database is […]

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How to Buy Vegetables? A Common Question!

If you are required to buy vegetables, the first question comes into your mind is that How to buy vegetables? Buying vegetables may seem to be a very simple activity particularly to those who are having money to spend on vegetables. If you ask 7 to 8 years old kid to buy vegetables, he will […]

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Secrets Of Lisa Haydon’s Flawlessly Toned Body

Lisa Haydon is well-known and one of the top India’s actresses and models. In one of her interviews, Lisa Haydon unveiled the secret that she has been putting herself in habit of exercising at the only age of 14. She also accepted the fact that the actual secret behind a perfect body is a healthy diet plan […]

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Top 15 Dance Classes In Mumbai To Explore

dance classes

Dancing promotes a lot of social activities and it is one of the best cardio activities when it is performed in the right manner and for the right amount of time. It animates our breath, builds our heart rate, enhances flow and averts oxygen starvation to the mind, along these lines abating mental decrease while […]

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Best Dance Classes in Delhi To Join Near You

Dance classes in delhi

If you believe in fitness, joyful and fun then express yourself without the fear of being judged or being conscious of your surroundings. If dance is your passion and you are passionate about your passion, join one of these best dance classes in Delhi. Dance are super fun exercises which benefit your health in many […]

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Bitter Food and Herbs Juice Benefits for your Health

karela juice benefits

An important topic that is almost discussed in every nutritional discussion is: what is the importance of bitter foods and herbs. Bitterness on your tongue is itself a nutrient in the sense. Bitterness involves a chemical reaction throughout the body and has many unique heath benefits. Whenever you cook the bitter herbs and food we […]

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10 Amazing Benefits of Garlic

garlic benefits

Greek Physician Hippocrates- The father of western medicine once said that he used to prescribe garlic to many of his patients to treat many of medical conditions.  It has been confirmed by recent studies that garlic has many health benefits. Irresistible aroma of Garlic has the power to liven any dish and can treat common […]

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All You Need To Know About Running In winter

How to get started? Running in the winter isn’t as tough as it looks to be. It’s just that you should b aware of certain things like- what to wear, right nutrition and what are the risks involved. Tips to effectively run in winter: Choose your clothing: Warm Socks: There are certain important points that […]

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Top 10 Satvik Foods You Should Start Having

satvik food

Ever since the Satvik age, Food is the basic necessity of life. Yogis and Sadhus believe that the food is a creator of life. It sustains our body and brings us health and vitality. There are many different types of Satvik food available today and the foods we eat reflect our conscious development. The discipline […]

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