John Abraham Workout and Diet Plan

john abraham workout and diet

Can a man lift a car? We don’t know about man but we do know that John Abraham can. Yes, that particular scene in John Abraham latest Force 2 saw him do just that and no, it was not a doctored scene. So how does John do it? Like, how does he look so HOT […]

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20 Celebrity Diets For A Gorgeous You

celebrity diets

We love celebrities – there is no denying this universal truth. We love them for what they do, for what they wear, for who they date and for what they bring to our lives. So what makes them as gorgeous as they appear? Behind those perfect curves is a dedication that escapes our eyes ever […]

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Tiger Shroff Workout Routine and Diet Plan

tiger shroff workout

Latest Bollywood sensation Tiger Shroff shares his workout and diet plan with his fans. An ardent martial arts devotee, a huge fan of the legendary Bruce Lee and an active gymnast, Tiger Shroff body building is to be more sporty. He says if he hadn’t been an actor he would have been a sportsperson and […]

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Low Carb Chicken Recipes for You To Gorge On

low carb chicken recipes

You love chicken but are afraid you will gain weight if you gorge on your favorite chicken recipes too much. Before all the guilt flows over you, remind yourself that chicken is a good source of protein and low on cholesterol – which translates to it being a healthy food option for meat eaters. Here […]

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