Aerobic Exercises at Home to Lose Weight

Cycling benefits and disadvantages

You owe your mind and body a fitness schedule. However, taking time out to the gym is a difficult task for most of us. What if I tell you there is an equally effective alternative to lose weight – aerobic exercises at home. Why go for Aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercise is a cardiovascular exercise and […]

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Running With Dog – Fun With Your Best Friend

running with your dog

Dogs love to run. Throw them a stick and watch them go for it at full throttle. Inspiring isn’t it? So why not make your furry best friend your running partner? A great exercise for you, and super fun too for your little friend who seems always ready for a walk every time you turn […]

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15 Effortless Cooking Hacks To Lose Weight

Switch to a healthier heart friendly oil. Go low on oil. Opt for boiled or baked foods. Yes, you have heard them all but did you know that simple changes in cooking habits can help you lose weight? Here are some slim tips to help you lose those excess kilos by just modifying your kitchen style. 1. […]

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Navratri Diet To Heal Your Mind Body and Soul

Navratris have begun and so has your Navratri diet. Celebrated with fasting for nine days, the Navratris herald in a new beginning. As per the Hindu Shastras, fasting is a way to purge and prepare the body to open more avenues for knowledge and get closer to the spiritual truth. The Navratri fasting is a celebration in India. […]

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Healthy Perk of Naturally Fermented Foods

probiotic foods

The first thought that the term bacteria evokes is about illness. However, certain bacteria a good for the health and are necessary for staying healthy. Foods that contain the good bacteria are known as probiotics – bacteria that are pro life. Don’t reach for that carton of probiotics drinks from the market shelf just yet […]

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Best Shopping Tips For A Healthy You

You are what you eat – as the old adage goes – is perhaps the greatest truth in today’s world. As we exercise our free will to dive into that bag of delicious potato chips, we hardly ever give thought to what it can do or does to our health. Indian buyers are spoiled for […]

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Motilal Dayma: Aiming For World Bodybuilding Championship

Motilal Dhamya

If you are looking for real life heroes, you really don’t have to go too far. And for the city of Indore in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, there is Motilal Dayma. A constable in the Indore Police Force, Motilal Dayma wears many crowns apart from his uniform. What crowns, you ask? Well, not […]

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10 Eating Habits That Highly Successful and Fit People Have

healthy eating habits

We admire successful people not only for their achievements and work but also in the way they appear and carry themselves. Most successful people are very conscious of their fitness and lead a very disciplined life when it comes to food. Emulating the eating habits of the highly successful and fit can prove to be […]

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High Intensity Interval Training: An Exhaustive Guide to HIIT

high intensity interval training

You workout regularly and you think that is just fine. Well, it is but did you know that you can get more from your regular workouts with HIIT? What is HIIT, you ask. A High Intensity Interval Training consists of a workout or training technique where full-on bursts of exercise are alternated with short recovery periods. Studies […]

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