Follow Urvashi Rautela Fitness Routine for Stunning Body

Urvashi rautela Workout

Every girl dreams of having a figure like a celebrity. While watching television, all a girl thinks about is “if I can have a sexy and toned figure like her” and the body girls are going crazy for is Urvashi Rautela’s super sexy body. Yes, you heard it right; Urvashi Rautela is the new “Shiksa […]

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Zarine Khan Weight Loss Journey from Flab to Fab

zarine khan weight loss

When Zarine Khan decided to enter Bollywood, her excess weight was not only criticised by the audience, but also amongst the people in the film industry. When her first movie “Veer” was released, she was criticised by the critics due to her weight issues, but she amazed everyone in her item song “Character Dheela” from […]

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Handle Diabetes Naturally Through Yoga and Healthy Diet

Love for desserts, sweeteners and a sweet dish is never ending. It is a ritual to eat something sweet before going to an important event, after dinner and when good news arrives. But, sometimes consuming sweet items leads to an imbalance in the body. Doctors explain when the insulin level in the body decreases; blood […]

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Skipping Gym or Taking a Break : Good, Bad or Worst?

Working out on a regular basis is very essential for a healthy mind and even healthier body. Going to the gym puts you on the path of a stress-free and classy lifestyle. In this era of modernization, working out at a gym is more of a status symbol. Why is there a need of hitting […]

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Top 10 Adventurous places in Bangalore

adventurous places in Bangalore

Living and working in Bangalore can be a tedious task. It is like working day and night, forgetting all the fun just to earn money, but what about that adrenaline rush? What about that passion for doing something adventurous? Well, life is about balancing between work and entertainment, and for the people living in Bangalore, […]

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