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“Desert 500 has been the journey of my lifetime. It was one of the most difficult endurance-testing challenge I have undertaken… “ This cycling challenge sets out their riders in India’s Thar Desert, from the famous city of Jodhpur-Osiyan–Phalodi–Ramdevra-Pokhran-Dechoo–Phalodi-Nagaur and back. A total journey of 500 kilometers to be completed in 24 hours!  I practiced for 2-3 months with interval training, strength building and long distance cycling (200km) for endurance. I had to monitor what I eat and always followed a strict diet.  The D-Day was on 27th Feb 2016, the starting point being Bijolai Palace, A Tree-house Palace Hotel Jodhpur. At 11am…

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From Amateur Street Biking

I had never thought that I will achieve this feat in my wildest dreams. It was just about a year back, when I started cycling just to lose weight and stay fit. I purchased a “Kross K40” with my close friend Akshay Dhawan. Back then, rides from home to India Gate used to be a big task. And those morning Inderpuri to Todapur laps helped me build my stamina big time. My target was always to cycle as much as I can till the Sun rises – without beating myself up. I increased my speed and distance with time. On…

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buying bicycle

There are road bikes and hybrid bikes, mountain bikes and comfort bikes.  People are clueless as to what type of bike to buy. You need to ask yourself what kind of biking you want to do: long-distance rides, trail rides, road rides or just a spin around the neighborhood. Here, I am going to share my personal experience while purchasing cycles and upgrades. I started my Cycling Journey with a basic MTB — a Kross K40.  My aim to buy it was to stay healthy and lose weight. I used to cycle daily in the morning for an hour. After 4 months, I…

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