My journey in Desert 500

“Desert 500 has been the journey of my lifetime. It was one of the most difficult endurance-testing challenge I have undertaken… “ This cycling challenge sets out their riders in India’s Thar Desert, from the famous city of Jodhpur-Osiyan–Phalodi–Ramdevra-Pokhran-Dechoo–Phalodi-Nagaur and back. A total journey of 500 kilometers to be completed in 24 hours!  I practiced for 2-3 […]

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Bicycle Shopping Guide for Beginners

buying bicycle

There are road bikes and hybrid bikes, mountain bikes and comfort bikes.  People are clueless as to what type of bike to buy. You need to ask yourself what kind of biking you want to do: long-distance rides, trail rides, road rides or just a spin around the neighborhood. Here, I am going to share […]

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