Red Wine: Boon or bane?

red wine benefits for skin

Going for a wine tasting binge in Paris is the ultimate dream for most of us. But as we all know, alcohol isn’t the liver’s strong suit and once that gravy train has started, there’s no telling when it will stop. Anyhow, this poses the ultimate question about whether red wine benefits well to your […]

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10 Super Simple and Delicious Oats Recipes

oats recipes

Oats are healthy beyond doubt, heartily light to eat and a delicious treat! Entirely gluten free, oats recipes just happen to be packed with the most essential vitamins and minerals. Apart from being wildly nutritious, oats also promote weight loss, lower elevated blood sugar levels and protects the body against heart disease. Oats just happen […]

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Kadha: A Magical Herbal Tea to Heal Cold and Coughs


Have you ever looked for a single elixir or medicine for almost every ailment? No, I’m not talking about the common aspirin or whatever painkiller you pop for everything. Kadha, the natural and positively effective herbal drink is the topic of discussion here. This Ayurvedic drink cures numerous ailments instantly and has proven to result […]

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10 Teenage Diet Tips for Weight Loss

sweets, zero sugar

Keeping your weight in check is positively important among teens for many reasons. Onset of obesity when you’re in your teens pose a higher risk of persisting and a lot of other health problems later on. Also, an unhealthy body image while you are in your teens could reflect an unhealthy mental picture. This could […]

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Easy-To-Follow Expert Tips For Detox Cleanse

  People generally link the term “detox cleanse” to sobering up from an alcohol-binge. Detoxification is more than that. It relates to every aspect of cleaning your body and ridding it of toxic substances. Detox is mainly associated with the liver. It also is linked to optimizing the body’s function and improving health. Metabolic detoxification […]

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