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swimming pool

Swimming is an activity that can be really strainful if not done right. Just like every workout, it has its own dos and don’ts. While there are obvious things to avoid in a swimming pool like peeing in it or not taking a bath before taking the plunge, there are some don’ts that don’t strike the mind at first but are nevertheless integral to swimming. Watch out for the ones that you do in the pool.  1. Avoid Being in the swimming pool without hydrating for too long There is constant compressive pressure on your body in the pool. This…

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swimming classes in delhi

When I was 4 years old my father took me for swimming classes in Delhi for the first time. As my father would say, I almost drowned in the water and my father had to rescue me. I am Arun. This is my story of how I overcame one of the most basic fears of all: The fear of drowning. Aquaphobia and School via GIPHY Now let’s flash forward to a year ago. I was in class 11. I had to attend swimming classes in Delhi as my school curriculum. Soon came the first day of my swimming class. Even the thought of dropping down…

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