Top 15 Yoga Studios and Instructors in Mumbai

yoga classes in mumbai

‘Yoga’ a natural way of happiness and health and it has proved that healthy mind lives in a healthy body. This holistic approach towards a life and health change the perception of millions of people around the world. People are vigorously following the yoga not just for their fitness regime but also for a healthy […]

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Fitness Secrets of Celebrities

fitness secrets of celebrities

Whenever they walk on Red carpet or attend any big function their flawless beauty, super toned body touches the millions and trillions of heart. On that moment one thing which comes to a mind is what’s the secret behind their killer physique? And without any pause, the answer is strict work-out routine with a balanced […]

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Top 10 Organic Healthy Snacks

Organic healthy snacks

Think Organic…! Eat Organic… and Live Organic…! Yes! This is the thing which everyone kept in memory while taking an every bite of food, from milk to the lentils you eat, organic food always a won in the battle of healthier life, organic food always has more benefits than the non-organic food. Due to a […]

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