Zero Sugar Diet Plan And Its Benefits

Zero Sugar Diet Plan

No to sugar…!  No sugar…  Kick off sugar!! Is this word disturbing your night sleep or it’s just a horrible nightmare for you? Yes, It’s true most of the crowd in today times have a habit of Stubborn sweet tooth, they want to become healthy and fit but don’t want to kick off their craving for […]

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Mediterranean Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

hormone based diet

Diet in simple words is the way of healthy life span, but it works only when you stick to them indefinably which is near impossible in these days. Every morning, you promise to follow the diet rigorously but at the end of the day, it all goes in vain. But not to worry anymore as we […]

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Top 15 Yoga Studios and Instructors in Mumbai

yoga classes in mumbai

‘Yoga’ a natural way of happiness and health and it has proved that healthy mind lives in a healthy body. This holistic approach towards a life and health change the perception of millions of people around the world. People are vigorously following the yoga not just for their fitness regime but also for a healthy […]

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Most Efficient Ayurvedic Herbs Recipes For Weight Loss

ayurvedic herbs for weight loss

In today’s health conscious world, losing weight seems like a battle, people do lots of struggle for their extra weight but the weighing machine always disappoints them. In this era where appearance matters a lot, people with overweight feel shy all the time. If you want to lose weight in a natural way then you must try […]

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Eat When You Are Hungry to Stay Fit and Healthy

eat when you are hungry

Hunger is the word which lets us forget all our rational thoughts hanging around. We head directly towards the kitchen when hunger pang starts and all our motive, commitment, and new year resolution just for a bite of food goes in vain. It’s a fact that, for human existence, hunger is death and satisfying hunger is […]

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Arjun Kapoor Weight Loss Diet plan and Workout Routine

The B-town Actor Arjun Kapoor has proved that strong will power can do miracles in your life. This newest six-pack star not only mesmerized us with his acting skill but also surprised the film industry by his ripped physique. But guys did you know that before making this six-pack abs and body to die, Arjun Kapoor’s actual […]

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Fitness Secrets of Celebrities

fitness secrets of celebrities

Whenever they walk on Red carpet or attend any big function their flawless beauty, super toned body touches the millions and trillions of heart. On that moment one thing which comes to a mind is what’s the secret behind their killer physique? And without any pause, the answer is strict work-out routine with a balanced […]

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Want to Lose Weight Fast, Here Are 10 Worst Ways

Worst ways to lose weight

Where the patience is gone ! Worst ways to lose diet are in! Yes you read it right people don’t have to wait for a long they want a quick result, which results in unhealthy and worst way to lose weight become part of their daily life which they thought the effective weapon for achieving […]

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