Vegan Diet Plan – Complete Guide

Raw vegan Diet Plan

From junk food, raw meals and everything in between, vegan diet plan can suit everyone. The common thing among all these diets is that no meat, dairy or other animal products are involved. What do vegans eat? An entire world of amazing flavours and foods is available for them. A raw vegan diet plan includes […]

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Top Running Events In Mumbai

running events in mumbai

Have you always thought of getting in better shape without purchasing high-priced fitness subsidy or sports products? Well, we have a good news for you! Running will help in getting fit and in shape without spending a fortune.Running is an activity everyone can take part in and all it needs is a pair of comfortable […]

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Workouts That Burn More Fat Than Burpees

lose weight keep curves, lose weight keep breasts

Almost all of us love to combine burpees with every meal- breakfast, lunch, dinner, you just name it. We don’t even leave out caffeinated beverages. Does it seem like burpees are the best workouts to add to any exercise to speed up your fat burning metabolism? try these high calorie burning exercises. Well, Time to […]

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Warm Water Benefits : The Elixir of Healthy & Complete Life

Warm water benefits- The one stop solution We usually begin our mornings with a cup of hot coffee or tea to warm our bodies after waking up. We bet you never knew these surprising warm water benefits. When we drink water, we prefer cold water. According to Ayurveda, it is all wrong. Frequently drinking warm water, […]

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