Types of Tea for Your Health

Tea falls under the category of ‘aromatic beverages’. It is the most consumed drink all over the world. It is a much loved beverage because it can be enjoyed both hot and iced and we have different types of Teas, therefore can be enjoyed in different flavors and in any season. Healthy Tea has got […]

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Actress Namitha’s Weight Loss Journey and More

namitha weight loss

A quick introduction – Namitha is an Indian Film actress and the fourth runner up in Miss India pageant in the year 2001. She is Gujarati by birth but has been active mostly in the south Indian film industry. At 6’2″, she is also one of the tallest Indian movie actresses. What made her to gain […]

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The Man Who Won More Than One War

major dp singh

Think  ‘Amputation’  and it gives a vision of extreme trauma. But once in a while, we come across people with lot more will-power than people in similar circumstances. These people go way beyond what is expected of them in such a way that they become heroes for others to worship. Meet Major D.P Singh, an army […]

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Explore the Secrets to Have Body Like Katrina Kaif

katrina kaif diet plan

While Katrina Kaif grooved to the beats of the catchy number ‘Kamli Kamli’ on the large 70 MM screen, the audience was left wonder struck. The agility with which she did the tricky dance moves even including some acrobats surprised all. The song due to its catchy beats and well-executed steps by the heroine managed […]

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