Should You Drink Coffee During Exam?

Most of us have used coffee for our late night studies. In my college hostel, where I didn’t have access to coffee, I used to keep Redbull, which is certainly worst. While coffee boosts your performance and alertness in short term, it negatively affects the performance in the exam and your health. It’s worse for people […]

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Iced Coffee Protein Shake Recipe to Lose Weight -115 Calories Per Serving!

Iced cold coffee

I came across this awesome protein shake recipe. Unlike the regular protein shakes, which I hate to the core, it’s damn tasty, healthy and low-calorie (good for weight loss) at the same time! It’s no secret that we Indian consume less protein –  recommended dietary allowance for protein is modest 0.8g per kg of body weight. […]

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6 Super Easy Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

6 super easy ways to cut 500 calories

When it comes to fitness, there are a lot of noise out there – glutton-free, zero-sugar, zero-carb, egg-diet etc. Getting lost in complexities and missing your targets is quite easy. The best thing to do in here is to stick to basic, that is: Calories Loss = Weight Loss  You can lose 0.5 kg a […]

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Fitso Duathlon Challenge 2017

Fitso Duathlon Challenge is first of it’s kind. You have to complete 5 km run, followed by 20 km ride, and then 5 km run. Why you shouldn’t miss this challenge? No fee to participate in the challenge. It’s completely free. It’s time for multisport – a bigger challenge, lesser chance of injury and more […]

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