New Year’s Resolution Hack for 99% of People Who Don’t Make It!

Small decisions are more versatile than resolutions. They’re also more manageable. Should I skip that extra beer at the party? Should I choose wine? Should I go for fruits instead of the deserts? These questions are left to be answered only in the moment. The birthday of our acquaintance from work is a “special occasion.” The fruits […]

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7 Ways to Skip the Holiday Weight Gain and Enjoy the Party

Who doesn’t want to party at the end of the year! However, for many of us, the associated weight gain is the spoilsport. Here are few tips to help you enjoy the party without worrying about your weight: Don’t eat before you go. You’ve heard countless times that you should have a healthy, protein-heavy meal before you […]

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A Nutrionist Speaks: How to Deal with Toxic Smog?

Dealing with Delhi Smog

The levels of the deadliest, tiny particulate matter known as PM 2.5, which lodge deep in a person’s lungs, soared on Tuesday to 726, according to a U.S. embassy monitor. The situation is not expected to improve anytime soon. World Health Organization guidelines suggest exposure to levels of about 10, while anything less than 50 is […]

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Should You Drink Coffee During Exam?

A Shortcut for Healthy Life

Most of us have used coffee for our late night studies. In my college hostel, where I didn’t have access to coffee, I used to keep Redbull, which is certainly worst. While coffee boosts your performance and alertness in short term, it negatively affects the performance in the exam and your health. It’s worse for people […]

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Mixing Cucumber and Tomatoes in a salad Could be Dangerous

Are you salad fan? Even if you aren’t, you must be aware of the health benefits of the salad. A healthy salad diet is incredibly useful for the weight loss. So, what’re your criteria of preparing salad? If the taste is the only criteria then you need to reconsider your choices. There are a lot […]

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6 Super Easy Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

6 super easy ways to cut 500 calories

When it comes to fitness, there are a lot of noise out there – glutton-free, zero-sugar, zero-carb, egg-diet etc. Getting lost in complexities and missing your targets is quite easy. The best thing to do in here is to stick to basic, that is: Calories Loss = Weight Loss  You can lose 0.5 kg a […]

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Nutrient Deficiencies – 5 Signs Written Over Your Face

Nutritional deficiencies sign

Howsoever important are nutrient deficiencies, the costly blood tests make the diagnosis prohibitive for us. But, there is an easy way. Our face can tell a lot if you suffer from vitamin deficiency. Here are the 5 most common symptoms of vitamin deficiency: 1. You look pale The lack of vitamin B12 often makes the face […]

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