Arjun Kapoor Weight Loss Diet plan and Workout Routine

The B-town Actor Arjun Kapoor has proved that strong will power can do miracles in your life. This newest six-pack star not only mesmerized us with his acting skill but also surprised the film industry by his ripped physique. But guys did you know that before making this six-pack abs and body to die, Arjun Kapoor’s actual weight was 140 kg. It must be hard to digest but by following hardcore fitness regime and diet plan, he successfully transformed himself from fat to fab. Arjun Kapoor weight loss diet plan is one of the most followed plans among people who want to transform themselves and become healthier .

So guys if you are still living in your dream world for shading extra kilos then it’s time to wake up and read the stunning weight loss journey of Arjun Kapoor.

Chubby & Overweight Arjun Life

arjun kapoor weight loss
“Where There is a Will There is a Way”

Before facing the camera, Arjun struggled lots with his weight loss. It is very hard to believe that Arjun Kapoor’s weight was 140 kg when he was just at the age of 22 and apart from that he was a victim of many diseases like asthma, obesity and even couldn’t walk and run continuously for 10 seconds.

The Man who Inspired Arjun for Body Transformation

arjun kapoor weight loss body transformation

“When you live with a person who is so aware of his body you get inspired said by coolest Kapoor of a film industry”.

Salman khan came as a great inspiration in Arjun life and changes the sluggish and grumpy physique of Arjun to the chiseled physique. They both did workout and cycling together. Salman is an unstoppable machine which inspires him in whole battle of weight loss journey said by the actor.

How to get those ‘to-die-for’ abs

arjun kapoor weight loss

No wonder! This dashing star set an amazing example for all fitness lovers. Torching 50 kg weight is not a joke but his strong will power, dedication and a sheer hard work won the battle of weight loss and Arjun loses 50 kg weight in just four years. Really hats off to that guy.

Arjun faced very hard time, in the beginning, his primary concern was to lose weight and get in shape with their strong will he shed ten kg in one month. Arjun consistency for their workout is inspired, everyone.  After achieving a weight loss goal, he starts himself for cross fit training for shading extra kilo, he always does cross fit training and 10 mins cardio in the gym. Arjun kapoor weight loss diet plan was also something that he followed with utmost dedication in order to achieve satisfactory results .

Diet Regime of Arjun Kapoor

arjun kapoor weight loss

Talking about his diet, the men who ate 6 burgers at one time now prefer a healthy diet and keep a distance from all the junk food from their life.

His diet includes:

  • He replaced rice with brown rice and quinoa which is the good source of protein and fiber.
  • He also replaced artificial sugar with naturally sweetened like strawberries and pineapple,
  •  As a coffee lover, he supplements their diet with lots black coffee which is a good weapon of cutting extra fat in the body.
  • Different kind of protein shakes and supplement also a part of their nutritious diet.

Arjun Kapoor workout Regime

arjun kapoor weight loss

Arjun Kapoor knows very well that losing weight and getting back in shape is not a piece of cake. But his dedication and consistency succeeded him in shedding extra weight. After achieving a big goal Arjun set another mission of gaining muscles mass for this he includes regular workout despite his busy schedule.

Workout routine includes:

  • Weight training
  • Cardio
  • Cross fit training
  • Pull-ups
  • Bench presses
  • Circuit training
  • Deadlifts

Arjun gives extra 20 minutes for cross fit training which is a high-intensity full body workout and helps an Arjun a lot in weight loss journey.

Arjun Kapoor Weight Loss Diet Plan


His balanced Diet plan is the important role play in Arjun weight loss journey.

Breakfast: He starts his day with a toast and 4-6 white egg including 1 egg yolk.

Lunch: He considered Millet roti over atta roti, as the former is rich in fiber, with lots of vegetable and chicken for lunch.

Dinner: Arjun prefers light and high protein rich diet for dinner. He loves to eat lean meat, fish, chicken in the dinner and he always avoid high carb diet at night.

Supplement: He usually takes protein shakes after every workout which hydrates and makes him energetic whole day.

Healthy Tips for Arjun Kapoor Fans


The killer physique and toned body might astonish many girls and boys but wait, guys, this not the one-night miracle, Arjun gained this cool body after a long battle of 5 years. If you are ready to be like your star Arjun Kapoor, you must have to include dedication, strong will, consistency and hardcore work in your life.

The star says “Your body is your best friend. What you have done with your body, the body will always give you in return if you put extra efforts and work hard.”

Arjun Kapoor Weight Loss Workout and Diet Tips

Arjun says that key to lose the weight is not only hitting the gym every day or keeping a check on your diet but the combination of both if you want to achieve the goal of shading extra pounds.

  • Cardio workout: Cardio workout will prompt your body to torch pound.
  • Strength training: It will enhance your lean muscles and the more the lean muscles your body has, easier the fast burning process in your body.
  • Standing exercise: It increases your stability and blood circulation.

So guys what you have learned from this inspiring Arjun Kapoor weight loss journey is that losing weight is not hard if Arjun can do this you can also, isn’t?!