Are Vitamin Supplements Harmful

Are Vitamin Supplements Harmful – Myths & Facts

Are Vitamin supplements Harmful? Or they beneficial for health? Misconceptions about vitamin supplements and their proper functions are prevalent. Let’s clear up some of them:

MYTH : Vitamins give you “energy” and “pep”.
FACT : Vitamins yield no calories. They provide no extra pep or vitality beyond normal expectations, nor do they provide unusual levels of well-being.

MYTH : Timing of vitamin intake is crucial.
FACT : There is no medical or scientific basis for this contention.

MYTH : Some people need very high intake of vitamins to stay healthy.
FACT : A multitude of studies have shown that it is rare for anyone to require an amount of vitamin intake higher than the RDA.

MYTH : Vitamin supplements are necessary because today the soil is so depleted that we don’t get nutritious food.
FACT : Crops can’t grow in depleted soil. If the nutrient content in your food is low, the yield will be low, but the vitamin content will be normal.

MYTH : The more vitamin the better.
FACT : Taking excess vitamins is a complete waste, both in terms of money and their effect. In fact, excess amounts of some vitamins can be harmful.

MYTH : You cannot get enough vitamins from the conventional foods you eat.
FACT : Anyone who eats a reasonably varied diet that includes animal products is not required to take vitamins supplements.

MYTH : Vitamin supplements are needed to protect against harmful chemicals and pollution.
FACT : Vitamin supplements do not have special abilities to ward off these detrimental agents.

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