Relationship Hack: Amazing Secrets To A Healthy Relationship

Having rough days, are we? Is it your partner or your work? Or any health issues? How can you face bigger challenges in life if such rough patches are holding you back? You desperately need a solution to all these. Confinement to such a narrow place of tensed thoughts in your mind don’t feel so good. But there’s a master key!

relationship issues

Right now, you might be sitting in your couch or a chair with clenched fists, searching for a retreat or a solution to what to do next in your life with your relationship or job or family issues. You have no idea what can make things better.

I would suggest, visit an online food ordering website and order an insanely loaded cheese burger. Then retreat to your cozy couch, let the food orgasm take over you and after fulfilling your cravings, take a sleep. Ahoy! Halt soldier! Please take few steps back, you might be entering King’s Landing with a wooden sword.

Eating in depression

Let me explain: Do you know Dan John? He’s a fitness trainer and one of his famous training sutra is- ‘Focus on what you need to do, not necessarily on what you want to do. That’s the secret to strength training success’. So, John has already predicted what you have been doing all your life and what you would do after a burger and a nap.

Still didn’t get it? Well, if you keep landing at the same place each time, you simply need to come out of the loop. And the best link that we suggest for jumping out of the loop is ‘fitness’.

No offence, but you are a parasite, dwelling on health and relationships. The solution that you have known forever but have never taken is what you need to do now! Fitness is something that has transformed the lives of countless people all over the world and here’s how:

  • You become more energetic
  • Your Stress levels are reduced
  • Confidence is king. And a fit body is the key to it
  • You become mentally and emotionally stronger
  • Not to miss, you look much better and attractive with a fit body

But what’s the link to all these in a relationship? You might be suffering because you are unattractive or at least so in your girlfriend’s opinion. Wondering how relationship and fitness is related? Well the secret lies in training together. Read ahead…


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Honest Communication

It is imperative that you indulge in fruitful communications with your bae if you go through hard training and sweat with him/her. Who knows that someday you end up discussing on some life changing topics!
communication in relationship


Your partner must be your best friend. Chasing a common purpose automatically makes your partner your best friend who goes through your thick and thin moments together. Training together gives you that common purpose.
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Patience is the base of any healthy relationship. And believe me, pursuing a fit body would test every bit of patience you have.
chasing partner

A Common Purpose

You can connect best with your partner once you both are chasing a common goal. That keeps you on a common platform. Thus, fitness can connect you both through a completely new bond.

Choose a workout over shopping. Don’t go museum-hopping or window shopping or on long road trips. Rather go to gym-hopping. Make each other better. It’s important to respect each other’s goals and expectations for themselves. And over time you will realize, in terms of relationships, fitness is definitely the key.
train together to stay together

Apart from improving your relationship, your fitness also impacts over your professional career and all relations as you become more energetic, you feel good and positive ora surrounds you. As a result, people find your company comfortable and you tend to get more success at your endeavors. So the solution to all your problems is a fit body and calm mind that can only live in a fit body. So what are you waiting for? You now know the solution.

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