The Alkaline Diet

Health Mantra- Follow Alkaline Diet, Forget Chronic Diseases

Diet, to put in simple words, is our food habits. Like habits, some people practice good food habits while some, bad. There is nothing called managed diet in most of the people’s lives as they binge on anything and everything unmindfully. Hence, it is not surprising if people know zilch about alkaline diet.

You will have a detailed picture of alkaline diet, moving forward. To let you have a fundamental idea, let me shed some light on it. Our body maintains a certain range of pH, an imbalance in which can act as a precursor to diseases. In the pH scale of 1 to 14, values antecedent to 7 accounts to acidic pH whereas values next to 7 denote alkaline pH. So, foods that help maintain alkaline pH fall under the umbrella of an alkaline diet. Strikingly, Body that maintains alkaline pH can keep diseases at bay and hence have a higher life span.

What do you understand by alkaline diet?

The pH levels of all your body fluids, both your blood and urine, are determined by the diet you are into. Alkaline diet is very appropriate to ward off pH imbalance in the body fluids. It is firmly believed that a body with balanced pH will never be a home to diseases and disorders. Ideal pH to keep our body functioning healthily is 7.3-7.4. Alterations in this range can be a direct invitation to ailments.

Merits of Alkaline Diet

  1. Staves off muscle and bone loss

Research vouches for the fact that higher your intake of alkalizing fruits and vegetables, lower is the mineral loss. As we know, minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorous are responsible for bone and muscle strength. Minimising this mineral loss is achievable, only if we stick to the alkaline diet.

  1. Lowered probability of heart diseases

Alkaline diet is supposed to enhance the production of growth hormone and decrease inflammation. This, in turn, assures cardiovascular health and also shields against kidney stones, hypertension and memory loss.

alkaline diet

  1. Prevents weight gain

Restricting the intake of acidic foods can guard your body against obesity. This is because alkaline diet can slash down your leptin level, which is the stimulating factor behind your hunger. Under balanced leptin level, your hunger is not wild and you eat the exact amount of calories your body is in need of.

  1. Curbs down the risk of cancer

Alkaline diet is equivalent to arming your body against the deadly attack of cancer.  Alkaline diet is believed to promote the release of certain proteins which can combat the insurgency of cancer.

  1. Reduces chronic pain and inflammation

Science holds acidic food responsible for headache, spasms, back pain, joint pain and inflammation. Shifting to alkaline diet can bring about a substantial decrease in such-like pain.

alkaline diet of kate hudson

Kate Hudson- A torchbearer to alkaline diet

Alkaline diet has paid off dramatically in Kate Hudson’s life. This Hollywood Diva’s svelte legs and unbelievably sexy abs wouldn’t have left all her adorers spellbound at the Golden Globes, had her regimen been not bound to alkaline diet.

Hudson’s unconventionally sassy body is not really dependent upon conventional fitness routine. Yes, you may find it startling to believe the fact that Hudson is not actually into breakfast. ‘Breakfast like a king’ is an age-old axiom any fitness freak religiously follows. But, her mornings treat her with a glass of green. She finds her body a home to countless reactions of biochemistry and commits to alkaline diet, no matter what.

Kate asserted that her living is stringently guided by a simple rulebook of alkaline diet, which is exclusive of meat, dairy, wheat, refined sugar and processed food as these foods accentuate acid production in the body and culminate in chronic ailments. Observantly, alkaline diet is somewhat analogous to vegetarian diet as it rules out all the meats. Her meals too encompass plant-based dishes only.If this 36-year-old lady can flaunt her incredible body by following an alkaline diet, which doesn’t sound tiring enough, can’t you aim for it too?

She likes to have five meals and a day. Where her lunch mainly includes salad after post workout protein shake in the morning. Well, not every day goes by diet and says about her cheat day, “If I want to go out and eat at a restaurant with amazing food, I’ll do that, like, once a week where I’m not thinking about it,” she says. “I want to indulge! I want to do things that are not healthy sometimes.” taking Hawaiian pizza and Annie’s gluten-free Macaroni and Cheese guilt free with pleasure sometimes.

What to eat and what to avoid!

alkaline diet

Never forget to replenish your empty fruit and vegetable basket right away as they promote alkaline pH. Other great sources of alkaline-promoting foods are tofu, nuts, seeds and legumes.

Beware of processed and instant food packages. Cut down on eggs, dairy, meat, grains, snacks to not steer your body towards the acidic pH.

Rigid alkaline diet says no to caffeine and alcohol. Regardless, it’s your choice to practise such rigidity.