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Airtel Hyderabad Marathon – Last Week Preparation

The Final Marathon Countdown

The Airtel Hyderabad Marathon was initiated in 2007 in order to encourage running among different age groups of people in Andhra Pradesh. This is an annual event and preparation for it should start at least a year before actually getting onto a marathon training program.

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The last week preparation is crucial for success in the marathon and you must keep in mind the following pointers in order to do well:

  1. Change as little as possible from your normal routine.

In the final week of the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, it is extremely important that you stick to your routine. If you normally sleep at 10:30 in the night, then stick with it. If you usually eat chicken breast in the evening before your run, then stick with it. If you take a 15-minute walk the evening before a race, then stick with it. If you wear your favorite lightweight pair of trainers for long races, then stick with them.

Don’t experiment with new foods in the week before the race. Stick with what your body is used to so that you don’t get any surprises. Maintaining your normal routine is crucial for success in the last week of the race as it affects your sleep patterns, digestion, biorhythms and overall performance. Try to change as little as possible from your normal routine and you will surely have a great day at the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon.

  1. Run on the day before the race

In order to avoid “staleness,” runners should indulge in a bit of jogging on the day before the race. Experienced marathoners agree that if you take a day off two days before the marathon, it will leave you refreshed with pop in the legs, whereas a day off immediately before the race often results in heavy legs.

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  1. Do resist the urge to make up for missed workouts

Sometimes it so happens that due to injury, illness or a busy schedule, even the best-laid plans go haywire. You may want to squeeze in that last workout in the last five days before the marathon, but remember that this is counterproductive. You won’t witness any fitness gains and only risk wearing yourself out before the race. On the contrary, you should chose to rest.

  1. Don’t second-guess your goals and preparation.

Quickly remind yourself of all the hard work you have done in the past few months and that you are as ready as you can be. Be confident and remind yourself time and again that you have sacrificed a lot and prepared properly for the race. Never again question your preparation, especially before the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon.

  1. Get plenty of sleep

Instead of trying to do strenuous workouts, you must focus all your energy on resting like a champ. Invest the time in your sleep one week before the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon.

  1. Take extra precautions to avoid illness

You should carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you wherever you go, especially in that crucial last one week before the race. Also, it would be best if you temporarily suspend the “five-second” rule.

  1. Don’t compare training logs.

How many of you have in the past avoided post-exam discussions of test questions, because you very well know that nothing good will come out of it. Either you will feel intimidated by others’ workouts or you will become tongue tied to talk about your own preparation. You should wait until the race is over for evaluating your training.

     8. Relax.

You will surely be nervous as the big day of the race approaches, but you must try to quell any nervous energy and pacify your nerves. Some runners let the anxiety and nervousness of the race burn up all their mental energy so that on the day of the race, their mental reserves are already burned and depleted. As nervous thoughts creep in your head, try to push them aside and focus on something productive.

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  1. Smile

People who smile, laugh and keep their cool are more relaxed and keep a check on their anxiety levels. To relax yourself, watch some funny shows or simply focus on smiling a bit more during the race week. Keep reminding yourself that you are lucky to be able to run in the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon.

  1. Make an oath to yourself

There are tons of things that are beyond our control in a race, but the one thing that we can control is doing our absolute best during all stages of the race:

  • In the initial few miles, you need to control your pace and run a bit relaxed.
  • In the middle, you should focus your energy on a grooving goal pace and continue to go all in.
  • In the last part, when it gets really tough, trust me you will smile through the pain.

Either way, make yourself a promise that you will do your best on the day. You will never take a step backwards and relent. You will never give in. You will keep pushing harder and get to that elusive finish line.

Good Luck and Happy Running!

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