Age is just a Number!!

One can imagine a lot of things that get better with age. Sports, for instance, is one physical activity that never used to be on that list. In today’s fast-paced lives, it is ever more important to stay fit and healthy. People have started incorporating fitness in their daily regime using various measures. Hitting the gym was initially the most common tactic to stay fit, but the monotonicity of it eventually got in the way! 

Sports stars constantly defying their age, have been an inspiration for millions. Whether it’s Roger Federer in a Grand Slam final at the age of 35 or a 43-year-old Vince Carter dunking in an NBA game, these athletes clearly pass on the message “Age is just a number”. It is believed that indulging in an activity one loves is crucial. Indoor or Outdoor Sports have proved equally important and have been essential in improving cardiovascular health, reducing the chance of diabetes and other sedentary lifestyle-associated disorders. 

The common question is “What do I play at this age?”

We’ve managed to do some research at our end to answer this for you. Here’s a list of year-round sporting activities:


With the emergence of Temperature Controlled Swimming Pools, Swimming has been made possible even in Winters. Swimming involves a whole body work-out and against all superstition, isn’t actually barred by age. People of any age can indulge in swimming without any hurdle and swimming has proved to keep osteoporosis at bay. Dive in today for healthier bones! 

(Image: An elderly having a leisure swim at an Indoor Swimming Pool)


Racquet Sports:

Do you break a sweat watching Badminton or Tennis on TV? If yes, that’s wonderful! Imagine yourself being a part of such thrilling action at an Indoor Badminton Court, Squash Court, or Lawn Tennis Court. Racquet Sports at an older age, especially retired professionals and at-home mothers, has an additional advantage of helping you maintain your muscular strength and improvised breathing patterns. Additionally, those chitter-chatters on the courts and the competitive scoring amongst your peer groups push your body into releasing endorphins that keep you active and happy.

(Image: Badminton at an Indoor Sports Facility is a viable option for office-goers to stay fit)

Table Tennis: 30 minutes of Ping Pong a day, keeps a doctor away! Every aspect of this sport, let it be serving, volley, or smashing, has a positive impact on the body. This activity helps in muscle memory, reflexes, improved eye-sight, and posture. You must consider playing at your nearest Table Tennis Court, irrespective of your age. 

Outdoor Sports: Understanding the “high demand” on the body, Outdoor Sports is one leisure activity you could consider once/twice a week. Cricket, Football, or Basketball has the capacity to lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol level, enhance aerobic fitness, and overall lead to a prolonged life. 

Apart from the above-mentioned sporting activities, one might even consider Running (Jogging or Walking), Cycling or Yoga to stay fit. All We’re trying to say is, if Milind Soman can become a ULTRAMAN at the age of 51, we can do our tiny bits and get inspired to lead a healthier life moving forward. Disconnect from any mental barriers that stop you from engaging in physical activity, let yourself loose from the newer sporting experiences that come your way at any phase of life. Let the child in you relive again!

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