Drinking water myth

Surprising Truth About These After Meal Habits

Health plays an important role in our lives. There are many myths that float around us concerning what to eat and what not. Some of these are about after meal dangerous acts. Myths are the result of total or partial and believe generation after generation. Not all of them are true but some of them are partially true or true. Here is a list of few things that you should avoid after the meal. The following points suggest that they are dangerous. These are a mixture of facts and hoax.

  • Water consumption with meal: Disturbs digestion or improve?

drinking water with meal: good or bad?

“As we all are aware of the advantages of drinking enough liquids every day, a few of us also claim that drinking water during or after a meal is not a good idea. Regardless of whether consumed with or before meals, water plays important role in digestion process. Drinking water with dinners may help manage your hunger, prevents binge eating and weight reduction.”

“In case if you experience the ill effects of GERD, restricting liquid admission with meals may prevent your reflux side effects, it’s because fluids add volume to the stomach, which can expand stomach, same as extensive feast would. Excluding fluids with dinners is agonising, makes you feel bloated or exacerbates your gastric reflux, stick to drinking fluids before or during meals. Drinks consumed just before or amid supper can advance smooth absorption, prompt to ideal hydration and helps to achieve satiety.”

Ankita Pathak, Nutrition Expert at Fitso.

  • Eating fruits after meal bad for you? 

fruits after lunch

It is not advised to consume fruits immediately after the meal or with the meal. Fruits consumed with a meal cannot be digested easily by the intestines as this cause stomach to be bloated with air. Fruits give the best results when consumed as a meal in itself. Therefore, it is advisable to consume fruits 1 hour before the meal or 1-2 hours after the meal.

  • Is it advisable to sleep after the meal?

sleeping after meal

Sleeping immediately after the meal diverts the acid into the stomach and results in improper digestion. Sleeping immediately decrease the efficiency of the digestive system and also lead to infection in the intestine and gastric. This sleeping habit not only leads to improper digestion but results in reflux diseases, obesity, and sleep apnea and has a risk of stroke. Therefore, it is advisable to sleep after one or two hours after taking your meal.

  • Do you take shower after the meal?

shower after meal

After each meal, blood flow should be high towards our digestive system but whenever we plan to bath immediately after meal blood flow towards the extremities increases. Due to this, the digestion process suffers. It is due to the fact that the blood from the stomach area gets diverted towards the skin. Therefore, is advisable not to go for a bath at least until 30 minutes of eating your meal.

  • How to get effects equivalent to 10 cigarettes?

smoking after meal

Smoking is an important part that people should avoid immediately after consuming their meal. After a meal, one cigarette is equivalent to 10 cigarettes effect. The chances of cancer are also more in these types of cases. Cigarette nicotine content makes it addictive. Thus the body absorption rate after a meal is increased and the ill effects of the nicotine on our systems like damaging internal system and intestines also increase. So try to avoid or quit smoking.

  • Is it safe to walk after eating a meal?

walking after meal

Maximum people believe that walking few steps after dinner is a wise plan but walking immediately after consuming food is not a good idea. Walking immediately after the meal makes the digestive system unable to absorb the nutrition from the food. Along with improper indigestion, it also leads to acid reflux. Thus it is advisable to walk after half an hour after consuming your dinner.

  • Tea after meal not good for digestion, as per reports!

tea after meal

Although drinking tea, in general, is healthy but consuming tea immediately after the meal interferes with the digestion system. Not only tea but drinking all those products that contain tannin leads to iron deficiency when the diet consists of green leafy vegetables. Therefore, it is highly advisable to not to take coffee or tea at least one hour after or before any meal.