Aerobic vs Weight Lifting

Aerobic vs Weight Lifting: What burns more fat?

All exercises do not create equal results. Depending upon your body type and your goals, there are some approaches, some different kind of exercises that may yield better results than others. So if your goal is to lose weight, what is the best exercise to lose fat quick as possible? Aerobic vs Weight Lifting: What burns more fat?
Well, the answer is not that straight and simple but before you go ahead with anything, it is important to at least shed some light on the difference between aerobic training and weight training exercises to find out how to approach your workouts.
When it comes to differentiating aerobic and weight training exercises, it is important understand the level of oxygen consumption needed to perform both kinds of exercises, to have some initial idea. During aerobics there is sufficient intake of oxygen which is required to sustain the current activity without using additional energy from another energy source, whereas in weight training oxygen consumption is not sufficient to supply the energy demands being placed on your muscles. Therefore your muscles start using body sugars, resulting in higher lactic acid production, which eventually helps you in regulating your body fat.
However it doesn’t mean that aerobic does not help in weight loss. Both types of exercise burn fat. Both boost the metabolism that lasts for house after the workout. But the fact that aerobic training is more favourable to increase your endurance and cardiac health whereas weight training helps you gain lean muscle mass while burning your fat, makes weight training more beneficial for weight loss.
Here, 3 more significant reasons why weight training is better than aerobic training if your end goal is to lose weight:
Weight training exercises are far more effective in releasing a certain kind of hormones known as Noradrenaline. These hormones when released activate a certain kind of cells known as the Brown Fat Cells.


Now, Brown fat cells are a category of fat that burns calories rather than storing them. They increase the rate at which you burn calories; in other words, they speed up your metabolism, which eventually helps you in losing weight much effectively.

When weight lift extensively, it produces lactic acid and releases Growth hormones. So, weight training increases the natural production of Growth Hormones – something that helps you regulate your body fat and lean tissue, other than strengthening your bones and immune system.

Aerobic training helps produce higher levels of cortisol and free radicals than weight training. Do you know what cartisols are all about? They are the innate stress hormones – something that makes you drink coffee, eat chocolates and all do all the other things that increases your body fat and stops you from building muscle.

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