7 Ways to Skip the Holiday Weight Gain and Enjoy the Party

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Who doesn’t want to party at the end of the year! However, for many of us, the associated weight gain is the spoilsport.

Here are few tips to help you enjoy the party without worrying about your weight:

  • Don’t eat before you go. You’ve heard countless times that you should have a healthy, protein-heavy meal before you hit the party so that you aren’t hungry when the food arrives. The problem is that after you’ve had a couple drinks and the cravings kick in, you are likely to end up having two meals instead. For best results, eat normally the day of your party, and show up at your party your usual self (a bit hungry but not too full).
  • Celebrate the reds and greens. Get into the holiday spirit by eating fruit and veggie dishes first to fill you up before trying some of the more decadent offerings.
  • Take a solid look at the dessert table. Examine all of your options, then decide on the one you can’t live without trying and go for it, but just one.
  • Focus on non-food fun. Be a socialite and enjoy the good company and holiday cheer more than the food! Eat once and put your plate away, then socialize out of reach of the buffet table.
  • Moderate your alcohol. Drinking more lowers inhibitions so if you keep it to a minimum, you’ll make better food choices and likely keep that embarrassing story to yourself.
  • Don’t hang out with people you don’t like. Chatting with ‘negative Naina’ can raise your stress levels and cause you to crave sugar or more alcohol.
  • Do a really hard workout before you go. You’ll look great in your outfit, you’ll have great energy and every time you go to eat something that is caloric, just envision how many burpees it will take to burn it off.

Just follow these tips and enjoy your new year!