7 New Things for Runners to Try in 2018

Let’s admit it, running gets monotonous at times, especially on foggy mornings when you put on your gear and brave through the smog to complete your distance.

Music serves as a temporary rescue but running isn’t something that you can make a group activity out of! Of course, you can run with a group but the central focus stays on running. So whether you are running solo or with someone, it’s the footwork and metabolism rising up.

But why not get a little bit creative and try something new this New Year to enjoy running more than usual?

Did New Year resolutions come to your mind? Well, you are almost there. So let’s see what things you should try as runners this New Year:

  1. Stretch before running

stretches before running: runners to do in new year

Stretching helps the muscles stay

  • Flexible
  • Stronger
  • Healthy

As a runner, you are moving your muscles a lot. So stretching beforehand gives the muscles a warm-up for the run ahead. You want your body all prepped up when you begin your run in morning and stretching especially helps if you ended up sleeping in an awkwardly painful position. Flexibility is great for joints and muscles and few lunges, butt kicks and leg swings are great for warming up the body for the distance ahead. This year, make it a resolution to stretch regularly before you get on the road.

  1. Buddy up!

run with partner: runners to do in new year

Running is a solo activity and there is absolutely no way that running along with someone will make it easy for you. But one thing that experts vouch for is the mental makeup of the runner is what keeps them going. And is there any better way than finding a running buddy or partner and running a minimum distance with them almost every day?

Friends almost act as cheerleaders and you want your fervour growing high when you have a buddy competing with you and cheering you simultaneously.

You can even coach your buddy or let your buddy coach you on points that make a weak runner. Running with a partner comes with an array of advantages as you can give your buddy an honest feedback and get the same and work on your capacity to get better.

  1. Sign up for the Big Race

create runner group: runners to do in new year

You wouldn’t know if you can run 10 kilometres unless you try it. The group running a marathon is quite the sport and you would definitely enjoy it if you were doing it for a cause.

Maybe you have never ventured out of your comfort zone and haven’t really tried running few meters from the usual 5Km distance but you could give it a shot this year.

Make a group of friends and set out prizes for whoever finishes the race first. Make sure that prizes are not food centric or there won’t be any benefit of running so much! You can try a team activity like balls to celebrate.

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  1. Begin Strength Training

strength training: runners to do in new year

You may have really strong legs owing to the regular running but really weak arms and a weak chest or skinny upper body. The scenario is quite possible and you may even end up losing a lot of weight but still not appear the definition of toned.

Take up strength training as one of the resolutions for your New Year and work on building strength for your upper body. You can go for semi-regular training and try these

  • Dumbbell Row
  • Split Squat (Stationary Lunge)
  • Lateral Squat
  • Goblet Squat
  • Hip Extension (Glute Bridges/Hip Thrusts)
  • Pallof Press
  • Push-Up

You can try lifting weights and workout anaerobic endurance program with your trainer to build the right pace for your training.

  1. Explore New Running Routes

running routes: runners to do in new year

Who doesn’t like exploring? Imagine aimless wandering on a nice, slightly windy Friday evening. Discover new paths close to your home and figure out how long will it take for you to come back. Well, the whole point of this weekend activity is not getting lost, instead of finding what’s unknown to you. So, keep a map handy and stay plugged into your mapping devices and check what routes lead you where to find some new ones for your running.

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  1. Invest yourself in Yoga

lean towards yoga: runners to do in new year

Running shouldn’t be the end of your physical activity. Instead, make it a beginning and incorporate Yoga into your routine. Working full time and having kids may not give you such liberty with time but you can do it on weekends.

Yoga is relaxing and great for the joints, especially lower back. If you are suffering from arthritis pain, headaches, pain in the lower back area then Yogasan may do miracles for you. It involves moving the body through such relaxing technique that it eases chronic pain and relieves the stiffness and discomfort.

You can even anticipate lower blood pressure and help in insomnia with higher flexibility for your body.

Now, what all runners should know is that Yoga is not an aerobic exercise so if you have aerobic and non-aerobic exercise plans for the week, remember to maintain the chart.

However, Poweryoga of the athletic variety may be of use of to you if you want an aerobic workout. Add Yogasan to your New Year’s Goals for real and see what amazing benefits you reap with it!

  1. Accomplish set Personal Records

Records are meant to be broken: runners to do in new year

Add personal records to your New Year’s resolutions and work harder on achieving them. Personal Records are a great way to keep going even when the energy levels are all washed up. You don’t want to stop only 200meter short of your personal record distance or you don’t want to be 10 minutes late to cover the distance that you normally cover in lesser time.

Try a slow long run every weekend and give yourself a break from the high paced, heavy breath running on weekdays. Try sprints for the beginning few meters and then begin jogging for the rest of the distance.

Try different records every week or every month and try to break the previous one every time you set a new one.

Running is ecstatic and if you do it every day, it has amazing effects on the body too! And once you have built a lifestyle with running a part of it, you can’t really imagine a life without it. But monotony sneaks up on everyone so don’t blame yourself. Even if you are not feeling a need for change, try something new this year and see how amazing it may work out for you!

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